Woke up this morning, had no frigging idea what day it was. Thought it was Friday, but Golden Girls wasn’t on. Then I remembered that Dave was golfing, not at class, and realized it’s Sunday. This does not bode well for the rest of the day.

I think my confusion stems from the trauma of burning my arm on the iron yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever burned myself this bad on an iron! Usually when my skin touches hot metal I have the sense to move, but I think I had a delayed reaction yesterday. Later I managed to catch it with my thumbnail while turning a sock right-side-out, which felt really good, so I put a big band-aid over it. Didn’t feel like tearing the skin off my arm just for a basketful of socks, you see. Anyway, this large band-aid didn’t want to come off nicely, so I ripped it (and some dry skin) off, and now there is a big red mark on my arm under the burn.

Gross and pointless story, I know, but now if you see me you won’t have to ask. Plus, that was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday. Dave and I were going to go out after dinner, but I was feeling too lazy after hours of laundry. Maybe next weekend.

I finished the book I mentioned in the last rambling – “By the Light of the Moon” by Dean Koontz. I’ve been looking for that book for I don’t know how long. I read an excerpt from it in one of his other books and it sounded interesting – I was hooked by talk of a woman’s pet jade plant named Fred. When I went to buy it, I couldn’t remember the title, or what book the excerpt was in, and never remembered to go through my books to find it. Finally figured out the title after many months, but every time I was in a bookstore, it wasn’t in stock. Meijer just happened to have it the other night so my stupid search is over. It was pretty good, not quite worth my months of irritation, but if you like Koontz’s books I would recommend it.

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