Out with the guys

Heading down to Papa & Pammer’s sometime today. Gotta finish making part of Kim’s birthday present yet, and shower. Good thing I didn’t have a hangover when I got up today, or we might have never made it down there.

Went out with a couple of Dave’s friends last night, something I rarely get to do since I have to work on Tuesdays – they play pool on Tuesday nights. There’s a new place in Bowling Green called Beckett’s, where SamB’s used to be. A huge improvement on the property, if you ask me.

Had a tremendous time, but lost count on the drinks. But that’s OK, because I had a lot of fun. I love pool, but I don’t get to play very often, and I suck big time, but that’s OK too.

Well, back to the birthday project.

*BURN UPDATE* Band-aid mark almost gone, but burn is still nasty. Managed to scrape it last night while pulling up my sleeve, requiring me to beg a band-aid from the bartender. It hurts.

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