Christmas-tree crazy

Well, I got my big fat Mojo blanket the other night. And last night. And the big fat Mojo blanket’s newest thing is to lay on my back and try to get his whole face in my left ear. It’s quite tickly. His other new thing is when Dave is rubbing the Mojo belly, Mojo pets Dave’s arm and hand. I have yet to witness this, but I’m pretty sure it’ll look as odd as it sounds.

A wise woman (MB) once told me in an e-mail “Colds may suck, but Jebus doesn’t.” I whole-heartedly agreed, until Jebus almost brought the Christmas tree crashing down. She came flying into the living room, came to a stop, jumped sideways into the bottom branches of the tree – as in hitting the tree with her side – and then ran under the swaying tree. What the hell? She is such a schitz when that tree is up; she likes to chew on the branches, and I think there must be some crazy-ass chemical on them or something.

Sadly, those are pretty much the highlights of the last couple days. Oh, we did discover that we have not “lost” a friend of ours; he’s still in BG, hasn’t been shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan, thank God. That made for a good day.

Other than that, nothing. Sorry.

*BURN UPDATE* Still a pink line.

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