All hail Fat Mojo

I’ll start the way I ended the last one: Fat Mojo is demanding attention. Daddy apparently has been asleep for more than an hour so there’s been no belly rubs for the big-eyed boy. Damn but he’s a crybaby!

So I did A1 today, with much help from Ted, and I am not a happy camper. I know it’ll get better, but it gave me a headache today. My computer crashing didn’t help things, either. P.O.S.

Ah, but I have the Mojo to make me laugh. Every time he gets done using the litter box he dashes out into the living room like he’s gotta get away from the deposit he just made. Just now he had some trouble making it over the pile of shoes by the door, poor boy. Oh, and he yowls very loud once he makes it to the living room, I guess to announce what he’s done. What can I say, stupid things amuse me.

Like how I noticed there’s a bottle of white-out in the bathroom. Why? I honestly don’t know. I’m thinking it got picked up with some other little bottles (nail strengthener, eye drops) that belong in the bathroom. I just don’t know, but I found it pretty funny last night.

I got to see Jen for a bit Saturday, woo-hoo!! First Dave and I went to the GFAPA (Greater Findlay Area Press Association) Christmas in January dinner, then Jen got there and we headed home – with Jen of course. We babbled a little, I showed off some of my lame-ass crafts, and we played Simpson’s Road Rage. Good times.

I’ll be heading down to Columbus this weekend to do a travel story for work, since most of the reporters won’t do one. Notable exceptions: Joy and John, thank God for them! See, we have a travel page on Saturdays, and the reporters are supposed to take happy little day trips around Ohio and write about them. Gas, food, admission, all paid for, plus a day out of the office. Who the hell wouldn’t want to do this?

And guess what? This has nothing to do with the traveling, but I’m going to enter some headlines in the Ohio AP contest. I had a few I was pretty damn proud of last year, so what the hell, right?

Gots to go read “Return of the King.” I’m almost done, and then I can turn my attention to my sewing endeavors. For some reason, when I’m reading something I’ve never read before, I can’t focus on anything else leisure-wise until I’m done with the book. I’m nuts.

FYI, spellcheck wants to change Findlay to fondle, and Mojo to moos (the Mojo change would be appropriate).

*BURN UPDATE* Yuppers, still there.

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