Whew! I can finally refer to the surprise party for the Pammer! I’ve had to avoid any mention of the birthday so as not to slip up, but I made it! Woo-hoo!

There was a little soiree for my momma’s 50th birthday Friday, and boy did we trick her! (Or so she says, anyway) I talked to her right before I “went to work” Friday, then we booked it down to Worthington a bit later. She was a surprised Pammer! She thought Dave and I weren’t coming down until Saturday, but we LIED! Mwahahahahahaha!

Saturday Pammer and my Aunt Nancy and I went to the Thurber House in Columbus. Damn if it wasn’t boring. No guide for us, just laminated brochures. And the ghost didn’t make any noise, either. What the hell am I going to write about? I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll include the bit about the Kroninger sisters wanting to give James Thurber’s mother, Mame, a makeover. Anyway, after the house, we had lunch at the original Schmidt’s German restaurant. I had a very spicy Bahama Mama and some tasty potato pancakes, and then the three of us split one of Schmidt’s famous cream puffs, and I now know why they’re famous – they’re damn good!

After lunch we went to the Fudge Haus und gifts (or something like that, I can only remember the “und gifts”), and a little shop called The Red Stable, and then ran away from German Village because the weather was getting nasty.

So, all in all a fun day, but only because of the company. I did get some kick-ass fudge though.

Finished “Lord of the Rings.” As I told Sean at work, it’s one of the few books with a satisfying ending. It seems like there’s always one little loose end that never gets tied up. Like Sean said, “What about that guy that was hanging off the edge of the cliff in Chapter 4? What happened to him?”

Mojo would like you to know he just took a big poop. At least I think that’s what he wants. He ran in here from the litter box yowling at me, so I can only assume he wants you to know.

Anyhoo, chances are pretty good that Dave is going to get a two-year contract to teach distance learning classes at BGSU, so as soon as we know for sure, we’re going to look for a house to rent somewheres around here so we can get a … puppy! We’re going to take one of my parents’ puppies, although by the time we would get to bring him up here, I don’t think he’d be a puppy anymore. That’s OK though, we’ll just go down and see him lots and lots. I’ll put some pictures up sometime in the next few days.

BTW, I’ve been meaning to put a link to the site up in the happy little blurb, and I just noticed MB did that in her blurb. So I just want to say I’m not a copycat, I swear!

Spellcheck wanted to change Kroninger to corniness … if you know my mom and/or aunt, you’ll know why that’s so damn amusing!

*BURN UPDATE* Still there.

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