Damn that man! No, not the man, that man, Dave. He sprayed catnip spray on one of the cat toys and then went to bed, leaving me to deal with the psychotic aftermath.

I have so many things I’d like to babble about, but I can’t seem to decide. Maybe I’ll just try to be brief and get them all in.

First, did anyone happen to watch the Maury Povich show on Monday? If you did, then you saw my ex-step-cousin. How, uh, special is that? All I’m gonna say is: it was a paternity test show.

I finished that travel story, and I’m pretty proud of myself. I know that sounds conceited, but I’m an editor, not a writer, so I thought I did a decent job. I’ve written a guest column before, but that is so different from a real story. Especially because the column was about Harry Potter, which I adore, and personal, so it was kind of easy to write. If you’d like to read the column, click here. The travel story won’t be online, but maybe I’ll stick it on here in case anyone wants to read it.

You know one of the things I hate about life? How you can’t keep track of some of the people you really want to keep track of, but others just won’t frigging go away.

Know what else I hate? The way some politicians make their own prejudices into law. It seems that everybody in the state and local government is in a rush to ban/outlaw gay marriage. Who the hell do they think they are? They don’t have any fucking right to decide who’s allowed to get married. Not to mention there’s this thing called equal rights. I hate to break it to them, but the divorce rate would go down if gay people were allowed to get married. Children of gay marriages would have two loving parents, which everyone is so worried about. It would put us one step closer to actually being a society of equality. I could go on, but I won’t. I’m getting too hopped up. This will probably irritate my Republican friends, but depending on who ends up winning the primary, I just may vote Democrat in November. I’ve got some research to do.

On a lighter note, I’m going to try and make Dave a Mr. Hat puppet (from South Park for those saying what the hell is a Mr. Hat?). I guess he told one of his classes that if they all did well on their next test he’d teach using Mr. Hand one day. I asked where he was going to get said Mr. Hand, and he said he guessed he’d have to try and make one. Since I’m the crafty one, I figure I’ll try to make it for him. I’m thinking he’ll mainly be made of felt, but we’ll see. If he turns out looking anything like Mr. Hat, I’ll put a picture on the sight.

And, finally, I love rediscovering CDs. At this very moment I’m listening to a Clay Walker CD that I haven’t listened to in years. “Rumor Has It,” to be specific. I may throw the other two in later, or I may just keep this one going the whole time. It makes me think of Jen.

*BURN UPDATE* Still there on my scaly dry skin.

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