I’m a dork

Wow, I just updated the site, read a bunch of blogs, checked my e-mail, and it’s not even 1:30 yet (although it will be past 1:30 by the time this is posted). It feels like I’ve been sitting here all night.

Have you ever been so full of love for your friends that you just want to call them and tell them how extraordinary they are? I get these moods of sentimentality extreme, and I’m having one tonight. I’m a pretty sappy, sensitive person, but these moods are ridiculous. Oh well, it’ll pass. Then I’ll be back to the nice but cynical midget that I am.

I have been informed that Mr. Hat is only needed if the entire class gets an A on a test. This means that Mr. Hat will most likely never be needed, but I’m going to make him anyway.

I went to the mall to get some new foundation because I’m almost out, and I need a new shade. The one I’ve been using is the same tone I used the day of my wedding when I was TAN, and as most people know I am PALE. Somebody at the Clinique counter last time thought it was a good match, and I didn’t realize until the next day when I put on my makeup how bad it was. Anyway, the woman there today fixed me up with a good shade. She probably took my makeup off and tried a different color three or four times to find a good one. I’ve never had anyone be so diligent in helping me. It’s probably a little bit because there weren’t any other customers, but that’s OK. The nicest part, though, was we stood there and talked like old friends for a very long time. She used to work at the Courier in the advertising department, and once she said that it was like the floodgates opened. It was kind of cool. The most pleasant experience I’ve had at a cosmetics counter.

However, then I stopped at GNC there in the mall, and that guy was an ass. I felt like he thought I was going to steal the box of Atkins bars and other stuff that I wanted to get. I almost told him that I wasn’t going to get anything at his store because of his eyeing me. Oh well.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s staring at me.

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