Damn you Mother Nature! Who do you think you are, covering Findlay in snow? Don’t you know my husband has to get up early and drive to work? The nerve.

Did A1 almost on my own today; I think I’m getting better. You’d have to ask Ted whether I really am or not.

How about a big woo-hoo to “Lord of the Rings” for winning four Golden Globes! Best drama, Peter Jackson won best director, and two musical awards.

How about another big woo-hoo to Cleveland Heights, whose domestic partner registry begins today! I know it’s not legal, and it’s not the first, but still! It could help late on down the line. Take that Bob Taft!

So I lost two pounds, and then I got PMS and they came back. They’re on their way back out though, and they’d damn better take a bunch of their friends with them!!! About 50 of their friends, and then I’d be happy. But just a couple for now would be good.

Sorry, I’m all hopped up for some reason. And I’m having trouble typing, so I’m going away now. I’ve screwed up about every other word so far, and I just can’t take it anymore.

*BURN UPDATE* It hates the snow.

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