Good thing I’ve got insurance

All is right with the world. My Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & Order of the Phoenix (GoF & OotP for those of you as obsessed as I am) have been returned. I loaned them to a lady in the rental office months ago and finally asked after them yesterday. I’m seriously going to have to rethink my borrowing system, or start charging fines like the library. But anyway, I can get started on OotP for the third (or is it fourth) time and get back to hunting for clues. I’m pathetic.

It’s a damn good thing I don’t have a bad back, because I’m pretty sure I’d have thrown it out several times in the last few days. Our landlord apparently doesn’t believe in salting sidewalks or the parking lot, so there have been some rather painful and unnatural movements on my part. I’ve taken to kind of rocking from side to side as I take tiny little baby steps, because it seems to work for penguins. Although today I found myself shouting “Son of a bitch!” on my dinner break as I tried to make it to the building. Serious back and knee twistage, but I remained upright.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s plotting against me with the scar on my shin.

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