Sick of it

As I stand in the line of the cafeteria of life, I look at my plate piled high with work casserole and financial casserole and say “That is so not what I ordered!” I take it back to the lunchlady of life and tell her she screwed up, to fix it but not to touch the personal dessert. She flips me off and piles more casserole on, but thankfully doesn’t take my dessert. Well guess what lunchlady? I’m not paying!

I am so sick of playing catch-up, hurry up and wait, and all the other oxymoronic games that borderline sane people have to play. I’m sick of playing Capable Woman, Responsible Girl, Tough Lady and all the other stupid roles I have. I’m sick of smiling sweetly when I want to yell and scream and lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Thank God for Dave.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s a damned ugly reminder of how stupid I am.

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