Soda addict

I think I have a version of a cold. No stuffiness to speak of, but a terribly dry throat. Actually, my nose is pretty dry (and yes, I know how odd that sounds). Anyway, no matter how much water I drink I still feel parched. Poor Dani!

Maybe it’s because I haven’t had a soda in two days. I went to the dentist Wednesday, and I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I need lots o’ fillings because I drink way too much soda. But Dr. Mitchell says he can save me (no, really, that’s what he said) so I guess it’ll be OK. Stupid girl.

A word to the wise: If you plan on being productive, don’t get out the Tetris. Especially if you have a gamecube, because there are some crazy addictive games on there. I did get most of the dishes done, but I didn’t even touch the bathroom or any laundry. I suppose there’s always Saturday.

So, I realized today that in the next few months I’m going to need to start planning Dave’s graduation party – or should I say par-tay, because it’s gonna be huge! By that time we should be in a house (renting) so there will be room for more than five people to be there at the same time. If only BGSU’s colors weren’t orange & brown…maybe the history department has its own colors? Probably not.

I really want to redo my Web site, but I haven’t been in a particularly creative or witty mood lately. Maybe inspiration will strike this weekend and I won’t have to clean the bathroom. We’ll see.

*BURN UPDATE* I think it tells Fat Mojo to be bad.

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