Draw your own conclusions

Election night, how do I hate thee? There are too many ways to count. But we made deadline, squished every stupid levy and primary race in, and ate our weight in junk food (everyone brings a tasty dish in on election night). And the incumbent county commissioner got the boot, so WOO-HOO! One down, one to go! On a sad note, I managed to get a paper cut UNDER the nail of my right index finger, and it bled and now it looks gross under my nail, and it hurts.

I have decided for some odd reason that I need to find out if I have any artistic talent whatsoever. I bought some colored pencils the other night, and I already have a lovely sketch pad and pencils, so I’m all set. Problem is I don’t know what to draw, and I’m embarrassed to even try even though no one else will see it. How stupid is that?

I have a theory on this, though. In middle school (when you had no choice but to take art class) we had to draw/paint with watercolors a candy bar in three stages. 1. The whole candy bar, still in the wrapper. 2. The candy bar with a little of the wrapper peeled away with a bite taken out of it. 3. The wrapper crumpled up. I chose to do a Hershey’s bar. I did a really good job, if I do say so myself. I even managed to mix the paints to the exact weird-ass color of the wrapper. I had never been so proud of myself! My art teacher said she was going to put it in the lame-ass middle school art show. I was so excited!

Art show rolls around, my beautiful Hershey’s bar is nowhere to be found! I was heartbroken! And to top it all off, I never got it back! Because of this, I have to wonder if my mind and hands refuse to work together when I try to draw anything beyond 3-D boxes, stick figures or childish little flowers.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s sleepy.

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