Hooray for the dentist!

Today was the best day! Know why? I went to the dentist! Bet you never thought you’d hear someone say that! But I just did, so cross that off the list of wacky things you’ll never hear. I had a very decay-infested front tooth (gross, very gross, but that’s what happens when you drink too much soda) and now it’s fixed! I’m not embarrassed to smile anymore! Let me tell you, if for some reason you feel the need to go to the dentist, and you happen to be in Findlay, Dr. Mitchell is your man. He is so nice, obviously loves his job, and is fan-freaking-tastic at it. It’s lame, but I almost cried going to the car, I was so happy with my “new” tooth. I owe it all to the Pammer, ’cause she made me go.

I’m still trying to find something to draw to look for any speck of artistic talent. I’d try to draw Baby Cat, but she moves too much, the little schizo. I’d try one of my Barbies, but I think it would be too much detail, plus eyes are hard! I can do the first one OK, but the second is never as good (I know this from my drawings of Fat Mojo). Maybe I should just stick to doodles, so as not to depress myself. But even if I can’t find even a speck, I always have my craftiness and sewing ability, the latter of which seems to be a lost art.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s jealous of my gums, lip and cheek for the large amounts of Novocaine they received today.

Hey, did I ever tell you that spellcheck always wants to change Findlay to fondle?

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