Gettin’ a truck

Wow, it’s been a while, huh? I’m sure the two people who read this are pretty pissed, but I know you’ll get over it. In my defense though, this is only partly my fault. Some nights, no, I didn’t feel like getting back on the computer after work. Some nights Dave was working so I couldn’t get on here.

Anyway, we’ve decided on a truck, and we’re just waiting to get Dave’s next paycheck so we can go put a downpayment on it. Woo-hoo! Then we can start saving money to get my stupid car window fixed, and start looking for a house to rent.

Something that needs to be done, like tomorrow (Wednesday, today, whatever – my days start around noon so I’m still on Tuesday ya know) What was I saying? Oh yeah, something that needs to be ASAP is mailing my T-shirt to MB so I can have my shirt. Curious? Well, I’m not giving you the link! Ha! You have to go to on your own and read her fantastic blog and find the shirt yourself! Work for it!

Speaking of MB, I get to see her and Jen on the 27th! YAY!q )That q is brought to you by Sugar Puddin’ a.k.a. Jebus and Baby Cat.)

*BURN UPDATE* It’s pretty pissed that it snowed just days before the first day of spring.

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