Enough already

Ever wanted something so bad you absolutely can’t stand it? So bad that it’s all you can think about? All you can talk about? I have. It’s called a house. A place where every room doesn’t have off-white walls and tan carpet, where you can hang something up without worrying about losing part of your deposit because of nail holes, a place that doesn’t have paper thin walls so you can hear the kid next door getting her butt smacked for being bad, a place where every check for X hundreds of dollars each month goes toward owning that place. Seriously, I absolutely CANNOT stand it anymore. I want rose-colored carpet in my bedroom with a painted border of roses and vines around the top of the walls and deep green curtains – not fucking beige horizontal blinds, deep green curtains. I want space in said bedroom to have a dresser and a real bed frame, not the stupid metal frame. I want a bathroom with black and white linoleum and counters to match my kick-ass shower curtain my sister made and my kick-ass bath accessories that I made. I want room to bring up the sewing table Dad made for my sewing machine. I want walls to hang shelves for my cute kitty knick-knacks.


*BURN UPDATE* It’s grouchy.

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