Oh man, I wish I could tell you what I did Wednesday. It’s a secret though, and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell yet. If the curiosity starts to kill you before I can tell, too bad! I will tell you it’s work-related, but that’s all you’ll get from me, for now. And that I’m proud to have been a part of it.

As a treat, and totally unrelated to what I did Wednesday, I’m taking Friday off from work. Major excitement, I know. We’re going to go look at some rentals and then go celebrate our friend Rob’s 30th birthday. I’ll probably do some dishes or something too, to add to the excitement.

You know, Mr. Haus turns 30 in July and I’m trying to figure out what to do for that. Any ideas would be appreciated (I mean party-wise, for all you gutter brains).

Talked to Kim today, and realized that I cannot have kids. I worry enough about my sister, and I can’t imagine the worry involved with a child. I think I should just have lots and lots of cats.

Speaking of cats, I don’t think I ever mentioned some fabulous books I read a couple months ago. Or did I? Well, I’m telling now, so if I’m repeating myself, sorry. Cat people should absolutely read “The Cat Who Went to Paris,” “A Cat Abroad” and “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever” by Peter Gethers. (Yes Gethers, not Gathers) Even dog people would probably enjoy them. This cat is amazing! I cannot tell you how wonderful they are. You will laugh out loud, and if you have cats, you’ll probably find yourself thinking “That’s just like the time …” Oh, and you’ll want some tissues for “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever.” Luckily I was reading it around 4 a.m. and Dave was asleep so I could bawl my eyes out without being embarrassed. Yeah, that pretty much gives things away, but you should be more prepared than I was.

And also, speaking of cats, we think the Fat Mojo may have a touch of arthritis. He’s been gimping around the last few days, and at first we thought it was his paw, but after poking at him and trying to inspect the suspect paw, we think it’s his shoulder. He never made a sound when I was messing with his paw, so I don’t think it’s hurt. I really don’t want to call the vet, but I know I should. We’ve had that cat to Dr. Jones way too many times. Thank goodness Sugar never gets sick!

*BURN UPDATE* It hates the rain.

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