Ah, I beat my last record of length between posts. How nice. I’m going to do better from now on, I swear. Even if the online classes Dave’s teaching have to be pushed aside.

So what’s new, you might ask. I might answer not a heck of a lot. The house resembles a home now, although many things have just been shoved into closets and the garage, thanks to my parents, sister, aunt & uncle, cousin and a friend of ours.

See, I threw a surprise birthday party for Dave on Saturday, and the aforementioned wonderful people helped me pull everything together at the 11th hour by shoving unsightly boxes, well, out of sight. The house looked (and still looks, for the most part) pretty good.

The party was a success; Dave seems to have been quite surprised, thanks to some help and sneakiness on the parts of Jim & Lori, and thanks to no one slipping up (including myself, and it was really hard!).

On another topic pertaining to the madness of my life, work just plain sucks for the most part right now. We got a new computer system & pagination system, and it’s making everyone’s life quite difficult. Much confusion, much frustration, much cursing. My sympathies to Supa MB, who will be getting the same system.

So between trying to settle in, then frantic house cleaning, work stress, and Dave needing the computer a lot more, I haven’t had much of a chance to be online for an extended amount of time. And I didn’t want to miss calls during the day, but today I said “Screw it!” That’s what we have voice mail for. And we’re going to get DSL sometime soon, so I won’t have to worry about those missed telemarketing calls anymore. Speaking of which, CitiBank seriously pissed me off last week, but I think I’ll save that for my next babbling session.

*BURN UPDATE* The tan has really made it less noticeable, so it’s devised ways to get back at me. I ran into a doorway Saturday and spilled coffee on my freshly mopped kitchen floor, and I think the scar is somehow responsible. I now have a very large bruise on my left forearm just below my elbow.

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