Stupid Cali

Since I tend to not pay attention to the news on my day off, this is a day or so late, but California sucks. Actually, most of the states suck, Ohio in a big way, but Calif. just made headlines for sucking, so they’re getting singled out. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you suck too. Click here so you won’t suck any more. And I learned as I was looking for that link that Australia sucks, too.

On another topic, Rusty just got yelled at by Dave for eating cat shit. Trivial, I know, but I thought I’d get my mind onto another topic. Now Dave is making idle threats that the dog can’t understand about building a dog house and making Rusty sleep outside. Dogs are great.

We’ll be heading to my parents’ house in a little over 10 hours for a fishing “tournament,” so I’m thinking I should probably at least think about going to bed. Nighty-night!

*BURN UPDATE* It’s snoring.

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