Effing velvet

Oh, good god, the next time someone hears me say I’m going to make something out of velvet, shake me and remind me of Dave’s Halloween costume, OK? It’s almost done, thanks to phone help from the Pammer, but it has been a BITCH! As Dave likes to say about things, it’s been at least a 100 effer (as in f—er) project. Now all I have to do is hem the robe, and that part is done. Then the hat, and then I can move on to nice smooth silk (or silk-wannabe, I’m not sure). Probably not easy either, but at least it won’t be velvet. But the robe looks pretty kick-ass, and quite Dumbledore-esque, so I’m happy.

I have such the love-hate relationship with sewing. I get severely pissed off while sewing, but I keep going because I’m usually pretty proud of the finished product. And non-sewers are always so impressed, even with crap work, so that’s nice too.

When everything is finished, I’ll make Dave model and post some pictures on the site. I think I’ll also post pictures of some of my other crafty accomplishments, like my jewelry that I’m so proud of and my cute bathroom accessories, and who knows what else. I’ve become a bit crafty in the past couple of years. I just don’t have enough time to do much. >:o

Well, I’m going to go doctor some pics for my fez page. If you wind up on there and don’t like it I guess I’ll take it down, but I’ll probably call you a crybaby first.

*BURN UPDATE* It wants to kill the sewing machine.

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