Lazy days

Vacations are nice, even if all you do is laze around the house. I took Wednesday and Friday off (I have Thursdays and Saturdays off), and to be quite honest, I haven’t done a whole hell of a lot. I’ve worked on Dave’s Halloween costume, drunk (drank?) a lot of coffee, played mosh pit with the dog, and kicked the computer’s ass at a Scrabble-esque game. It’s fun to be lazy! And for now, I can thread my sewing machine and refill a bobbin without looking at the owner’s manual – now that’s progress!

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of the big flowy robe for Dave’s costume, but the pants are a disappointment. In the picture on the pattern envelope, it shows a guy in this tunic/pants ensemble, a la Star Wars or something, and the pants look normal. On Dave’s pants, however, the crotch is at the knees. Explain this to me! I cut out the pieces following the pattern, I followed all the directions, and I now have pants for someone with legs a foot long and a torso that’s like three feet long. WTF?? I’m dreading starting the tunic tomorrow, because who knows what that’ll end up looking like.

Mom was telling me funny stories about her work today, and one of them required her to say a naughty word! Well, I think it’s a naughty word some kid made up (have you ever called someone a fuckwad?), but that actually made it even funnier! Pammy doesn’t cuss the way, say, I do, so it makes me giggle when she does.

Yeah, I’ve got problems. But I’m on vacation for one more day, so who cares?

*BURN UPDATE* It wants to surf the Net.

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