Hell at work

Just one more day, I just have to make it one more day before a little more vacation time and trekking down to Athens and going to the keith urban concert. And what a day-from-hell it’s going to be. Election Day, how I hate thee.

Don’t get me wrong, voting is great and you should all go vote, but damn it sucks to work at a daily paper on election night. Especially during a presidential election, because then we have to wait for all those west coast numbers. Blah! But, there will be all the tasty treats that everyone brings in, so there is one good thing about it.

Speaking of tasty treats, I’m eating a caramel apple with peanuts on it, and it is goo-oo-ood! And I’m drinking mocha chocolate milk. It may sound like an odd combination, but I don’t care. They’re both good, and that’s what matters.

Well, I’m going to go play silly computer games before I try and go to bed early.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s not looking forward to the election madness either.

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