Happy anniversary

I wanted to post yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. So, I’m announcing, belatedly, the one-year anniversary of the appearance of the burn on the blog. Just over a year ago I was an idiot and burned the shit out of my arm on the iron, and I now have a nice little scar. It’s faded quite a bit, but it’s still there, and always will be.

I just got off the phone with Tasha the multicultural whore (ha ha) after almost an hour and a half, and it was quite the fun conversation. I like to hear about the wackiness of the south! But she doesn’t want to talk about her flair, so don’t ask. (go watch Office Space if you don’t get that) But seriously, it was nice to have a cheerful conversation after being perpetually pissed off for the last 24 hours. Long story short, I have a boot with the dog’s ass’ name on it, and I’m not real happy with some other people or work right now.

But hey, I get today and tomorrow off, and then on Saturday I get to see MB at her baby shower, so there’s light at the end of this here tunnel.

Since I’m so grouchy, I’m going to sign off. Maybe I’ll be cheerier later in the day and I’ll tell you all about my annual Christmas shopping trip with Nadia.

*BURN UPDATE* It no longer wants to give updates, unless it’s really really important. I’m sorry, but it’s not.

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