Ima Dummy

I just had Dave dig out his copy of HTML 4 Dummies, and I’m already intimidated. It’s an awfully thick book for a dummy to read. But I’m gonna read it, even if it takes me months and months to get through and actually understand. Then I’ll actually have a reason to buy a domain name for my little pet project and find someone to host the site and all that jazz (which I’ve already gotten some info about that from SupaMB, so I’m a little ahead of things on that front).

Anyway, we went out to dinner with Joy and Rodney Saturday night and then went back to Rodney’s place for a little pop culture Trivial Pursuit. An all-around fun-filled evening, I must say! We’re going to have to have them over to our house for an evening of Saturday Night Live Trivial Pursuit, I do believe. I love the way they’re doing the playing pieces with the TP games now. All 3-D items/people and shit, and if you accidentally knock one over, the pies don’t go flying out – a big improvement. It takes so very little to make me happy.

Well, that’s all. I need to go e-mail MB and harass her with more site questions and then I think I may play some games. I’m just not sure I can tackle that dummies book tonight.


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