Pretty boring, except for the dream

Eh, so it’s not the next day or during daylight hours, but at least it’s not two weeks later. Really not much to tell anyway. A general lack of sleep, a general grouchiness, a general despair that our house will never look like two adults with real jobs live here but will always look like college frat boys live here – you know, the usual stuff.

The threat of a full moon has once again taken its wacky toll on Mojo. He had a strange fascination with Rusty’s ear – the inside of it – over the weekend, and tonight he went from sitting on the chair to doing a u-turn run on the chair before dashing off like the devil was on his tail. Speaking of which, I had a dream that part of Mojo’s tail broke off, kind of like how a tree branch breaks off. There wasn’t any blood, just some snot-looking stuff that could have been slobber gobs from Rusty. It was a very weird dream.

And those, boys and girls, are the highlights. Unless you want to hear about all the cleaning I did this weekend, which I’m pretty sure you don’t.

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