The phone mystery

So nobody’s heard from Kim since Monday, and we’re getting a little concerned since they were supposed to get the phone hooked up Tuesday and she said she was going to call my parents, but, as I said, has not. We’ve tried calling their alleged number at all hours of the day to no avail. We just get voice mail, which is more encouraging than a message saying we’ve called a nonworking number, but still, nobody ever answers. We’re thinking maybe for some silly-ass reason they haven’t plugged the phone in, or perhaps the ringer is turned down or off, but again, as I said, she was supposed to call by now. And she also said that she and Charles were going to my parents’ house on Saturday to pick up some of their stuff. Maybe she’ll call Mom & Dad tomorrow to talk about the Saturday visit, but it’s too late now. I’ve tracked down their neighbors & said neighbors’ phone number, and I’m calling those neighbors tomorrow as soon as I wake up and get some coffee in me to ask them to leave a note for Ms. Kim asking – no, telling – her to call me or my parents. And if she and Charles are embarrassed, TOO DAMN BAD! Maybe they’ll learn the importance of keeping in touch with easily-worried family members.

In other news – damn, there isn’t any other news.

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