My kind of holiday

I like Monday holidays, as we don’t have a Monday paper so I get Sunday off and have a real weekend. I did absolutely nothing productive on Saturday, which was lovely. On Sunday we pulled the weeds out of the one flowerbed we’ve done anything with, then planted some more flowers and put some mulch down. My legs are killing me from all the squatting, bending down, etc., but the flowers look nice. I got overheated though, so I had a headache most of the evening. I’m starting to think gardening is just too much damn work – let the weeds take over!

We did have another neighbor child incident Saturday, which ruined my laziness buzz. This time I had the dog outside and I was on the phone with Dave, trying to figure out what we were going to do for dinner (the Chinese restaurant we wanted take-out from was closed). I’m going through the phone book, and the neighbors get home. The little boy comes flying up to where we were, shouting as always, with a pencil with a shark head on the end, which he used to poke at and hit the dog. Then he threw the pencil at the dog into our yard, so Rusty grabbed it and ran off with it so he could eat it. Dave’s asking me if I want this or that at a different restaurant but I could hardly hear him. I told him to hold on because I had to get the kid’s toy from the dog so the dog didn’t eat it because he’d thrown it at Rusty, trying to say this loud enough so that the mother hears me. Then Dave and I hung up and I took the dog inside and slammed that door as hard as I could because DAMMIT PEOPLE I’M TIRED OF THIS!

What happens when the kid pokes my dog’s eye out because he doesn’t listen when you tell him not to hit or poke the dog with sticks? Do I get to sue them?

Anyway, mostly a nice, quiet holiday weekend. I guess that was to gear me up for the next two weeks at work – we’ll be down a person due to vacations both weeks, and we were last week too. But I’ll try not to complain too much, since I was just on vacation too.

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