A truly sucky week

A friend of the family, a guy I’ve known for as long as I can remember, has been missing since sometime the night of July 3/morning of July 4. No one’s heard from him, his credit cards haven’t been used, his car hasn’t turned up, nothing. This has been the main topic of conversation for the last several days whenever I talk to my parents, and they’ve been going to his parents’ house the last few days. It’s very strange to even be on the fringe of this kind of situation; I say fringe because although our parents have been friends since long before I was born, we didn’t hang out in school. Anyway, if you happen to be reading this from the Columbus or Powell area, please keep an eye out.

To add to the rottenness of the week, Kim called Sunday morning to tell us that Charles’ brother died in his sleep sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning. I feel really horrible for Charles all around, obviously, but also because his birthday was also Saturday and that’s a really shitty thing to have to think of on his birthday for the rest of his life.

I really hope the rule of three doesn’t apply here.

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