Purse meme

Bottomless pit
Originally uploaded by Dani H..

MB did this ages ago, but I’m just getting around to it. Here’s what was in my lovely floral soccer-mom purse, which still has the admittance tag from a bead show over the summer:

Large pink comb with rubberband, headband, wallet full of papers and photos, contact solution and eye drops, loose change (85 cents, I think), gum given out at the county fair, warm vanilla sugar hand sanitizer, coconut lime verbena lotion, cell phone, band aids (from a bowling alley in Akron), physical therapy appointment card, Excedrin migrain, Pamprin bottle with Aleve also in it, two Aleve cold & sinus pills, pack of gum & IHOP mints, receipts, another appointment card and some random papers, Kleenex, stuff from the Titanic exhibit at COSI in Columbus, gift cards, coffee shop stamp card with license, debit card & insurance card hidden underneath, matches, mints & pens taken from hotels, a thank you card from the former intern at work, too many lip things, Burt’s Bees lemon butter cuticle cream, a notepad, oil-absorbing sheets, and two fortune cookies.

I bought a new purse a week ago, and no, not everything here was transferred – but most of it was.


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