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Do you see the sweet little Baby Cat to the right? That little brat gave us a scare earlier tonight, as she’s been known to do.

While Dave & I were eating dinner, there was a ruckus in the office (Cause: Fat Mojo attack). We went in and broke it up, shooed everyone out.

So later, I’m in the office surfing the Net, and I hear something scratching at the window, akin to nails on a chalkboard. I’m thinking the possum is back and wants in. I pull the curtain aside just as Sugar Puddin’ leaps against the window again FROM THE OUTSIDE. As in trying to GET BACK INSIDE.

I calmly went to the living room and told Dave that she was out there – how the fuck did she get out there? – but not to come out with me while I tried to get her because she’d really freak out if we both were trying to get her.

Well, I saw her at the end of the house and she mewed at me, but would not come to me. I tried to find her, but it was way too dark, so I had Dave get me a flashlight. That’s when he told me that the cats had knocked the screen out of the window – ah, that’s how.

Well, I found her huddled by the backyard fence, and she yowled at me, but I knew she wouldn’t come to me, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Then I saw Dave in the office window, which he opened. I told him to stand back ’cause she’d be flying in any second, and sure enough she did.

I don’t know if she fell out, or just thought she’d go on a little adventure, and I guess it doesn’t really matter but DAMN.

Some of her other panic-inducing moments include her getting away when I tried to take her outside on a leash when I lived on MAIN STREET in Bowling Green because I am stupid, her dashing outside to chase a cat when I tried to throw water on it, and her hiding in a suitcase on moving day making us think she’d gotten out while our mattress was being taken to the van. I knew from the first two incidents that no way would I get close to her tonight since I almost had to tackle her those times to get hold of her.

But, everyone is safe and sound, and all screenless windows are closed for the night.

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