The new addition

Closeup lap cat
Originally uploaded by Dani H.

Last Friday that cute little kitten there was hanging around outside work. He was all scrawny and wet, and I said if he was still around when I went home he was going to have to go with me. Well, my friend Jason went looking for the kitten, and after sitting back behind the bushes found the kitten and brought him inside.

So now the kitten is living in our bathroom. He’s got some infections, ear mites and worms, but as soon as he’s all better he’ll be allowed out with everyone else.

It was Dave’s turn to name the pet, and out of all the suggestions, including several storm-related ones, he chose Neville (from Harry Potter).

Neville is just the sweetest little thing! He is constantly purring, and loves to sit or lay in your lap and get his belly scratched. He also likes to snuggle up under your chin or sit on your shoulder. He’s like a little rag doll — pick him up, move him around on your lap, put him over your shoulder, hold him like a baby, he doesn’t care.

He hates getting his medicine though, but he never tries to get away, and when it’s all over with he just curls back up in my lap and starts purring again.

The “fun” really begins, though, when the other animals meet him …

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One Response to “The new addition”

  1. Alex Says:

    Oh, he is so cute! How is the little kitty doing now?

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