The childfree choice

About a year and a half ago, I saw a brief article at work about a book called “Baby Not on Board,” which is about “the wonderful world of unparenting.” I was intrigued. I hadn’t really thought about there being an option to NOT have kids. As much as I hated the thought, I always figured we’d eventually have little humans running around with all the pets because that’s what everybody does.

After googling “childfree” and finding all kinds of lovely sights, I started thinking about it. I really didn’t want to add kids to the mix for soooo many reasons, but I didn’t really know what Dave thought about it. So, I brought it up at dinner one night, and luckily for me, he was on the same page.

Last August I mentioned a decision that Dave and I had made, and that was the childfree decision. I didn’t say what it was at the time, because I didn’t think it was anybody’s business, and because I wasn’t sure how people close to us would react.

Once we started telling people, I was pleasantly surprised at the reactions — for the most part. One of Dave’s jackass friends used it as a way to make fun of Dave, and I still owe that guy a punch in the face, but everybody else has been pretty cool once they’ve gotten used to the idea.

So, why am I bothering to tell you about this? Well, I haven’t blogged about it before (other than bitching about neighbor kids, but I’m not sure that counts), but I plan to in the future, so I thought I’d share the short version of how it started for us.


2 Responses to “The childfree choice”

  1. Alex Says:

    Hey, I support you guys 110%. I say better to not have children than just have them because that’s what people do. As much as I hate to say it, sometimes I envy those without children 🙂

  2. Dani Says:

    I wish everybody thought like you do, my dear. Not that we’ve been harassed (except for that jerk mentioned in the post), but I know there are a lot of others who’ve had to deal with people who think that just because you’ve got a womb you MUST use it.

    I also know that you’re not the only mom who has those thoughts sometimes, so don’t worry!

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