And so it begins

I know it’s winter, despite what the calendar says. I know because my hair stands on end when I pull my hood down, I shock the dog if we’re standing on carpet, I’ve switched from my Bath & Body body wash to my super-dry-skin Oil of Olay wash, and I have to put lotion on my hands to keep the skin from splitting.

I’m going to have to clear things away from the vents in my sewing room asap so I can turn the heat on back there. That room & my bathroom aren’t on the heating/cooling system with the rest of the house. The sewing room has its own system, and the bathroom has a heat fan in the ceiling.

Not only do I have projects to finish, but the animals’ food and water, and the cats’ litter box, are in that room, and they like to just hang out back there. I don’t want to sew in a freezing room, but more importantly, I don’t want them to have to hang out in a freezing room. Yes, yes, I know they have fur, but what’s wrong with wanting them to be warm?

On a completely unrelated topic, on Nov. 15 a bunch of people, including myself, will be posting about being “Invisible and Childfree.” There will be links to these posts at Purple Women & Friends. If you would like to participate, just e-mail Teri at Purple Women with the link to your post, so she can include you in the list.

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2 Responses to “And so it begins”

  1. Alex Says:

    Oh yeah, I hear you on the dry skin. I’ve slathered on so much lotion today that my fingers are slipping off the key board. And I dare not use the restroom for fear of not being able to turn the door knob.

    I think I shall wear those skin-tight Isotoners all winter. And not just outside. I mean, all the time — indoors, in the shower, to bed (I’m sure my husband will love that), to meetings at work. You should join me in this venture. 🙂

  2. Dani Says:

    I use the Lubriderm lotion. It usually doesn’t make my hands all greasy, which is good when you have to type a lot!

    I’ve actually tried to type while wearing Isotoners, and it didn’t go very well. If you have more luck, let me know! 😉

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