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New car

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A little background for this one: My car, a 1998 Mercury Mystique, not the one in the picture, has been limping along for forever. The check engine light is always on, and the backlight on the clock hasn’t worked for years so I keep a lighter in a little cubby in the dash so I can check the time after dark. Also, the latch on the driver’s door randomly gets stuck and when you try to close the door it just bounces back open. Oh, and the speedometer would randomly drop to zero WHILE I WAS DRIVNG and stay at zero.

So, on June 8, a Sunday, I got in my car to go to work. I noticed that my clock lighter seemed to have exploded sometime between Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, as pieces of it were scattered about the front seat. Whatever.

I put the key in the ignition, and it won’t turn. Not even the tiniest bit. Not even when I pounded on the dash and tried to wiggle the steering wheel. So I got to drive the truck to work that night.

Monday morning, we got up early and went and bought the lovely car pictured here, a 2004 Sebring convertible. It has power everything, a CD player (which I’ve never had in a car before) and did I mention it’s a convertible?

I’ll admit it, my shoulders are sunburned for the second time already. And I like it!

And we got some fancy thingy that lets me play my iPod, which is just the best thing ever.

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