The agony of success

About three months ago, I set out on a quest. Tired of crying every time I went shopping for clothes — and tired of having to go shopping for bigger clothes — and pissed because losing weight was supposed to have been a new year’s resolution, I threw a fit then threw myself into taking off the pounds.

I got some Hydroxycut Max for women, started jogging on my mini trampoline, cut out soda and junk food and sweets, and demanded that Dave help me by making healthier dinners. I was committed like I’d never been committed before, and it started paying off.

This of course encouraged me to keep going, which is very important in a quest like this. And the great thing was that I had no desire to drink soda or eat all the crap I usually eat. I was craving apples! Awesome! It’s like I’m finally mentally ready to stick with it.

But see, I tend to hit plateaus when trying to lose weight. And then I get mad. And I get really mad when I get my trampolining up to 30-45 minutes and try to cut down on carbs a bit, and I retain water and gain.

But I’m back on the losing side again — minus 15.8 pounds Sunday morning — so I’m not mad anymore. Problem is, I’m impatient, and dammit, this is not going fast enough. So, enter my new pills, Leptitrex. I just started them yesterday, but I have high hopes. From what I read on the Interweb, they’re fat burners, which is what I wanted in the first place, as opposed to promoting water-weight loss like the Hydroxycut.

So where does that agony come in? Well, I currently have no pants that fit properly. I seem to be at an in-between size. I have pants that are too big, pants that are still much too small, and pants that I can squeeze into but it’s way too uncomfortable to actually think about wearing them.

So yay! Smaller size! But boo! Not a real size! I’ve been tearing through old clothes, desperately trying to figure out what the hell I was wearing the last time this size. I can’t figure it out. But maybe, just maybe, I won’t be squeezing uncomfortably into those pants, but just wearing them. Cross you fingers for me.

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4 Responses to “The agony of success”

  1. alex Says:

    hey, good luck!!!! i know how frustrating it is. one thing that helped me was keeping a food journal, calorie counting and portion control. it killed me to write certain things in my journal and to find out how many calories a day i was consuming. from march to june i lost around 30 pounds, just by doing those things (and cutting out regular soda). i went from around 2,000-2,300 calories a day down to 1,000 initially and then i increased it to 1,500.

    do you get fit tv? i dvr ‘gilad’s bodies in motion’ and try to work out. i was doing it every night, but now i just do it when i can. it’s only 30 minutes long and it combines cardio with old school aerobics…it’s actually a lot of fun.

    if you need to talk, let me know!!!! i know you can do it! 🙂

  2. Dani Says:

    Oh Alex, I am much too lazy to keep a food journal! And you want me to do maths? Have you lost your mind, woman? 😉

    I’m not sure if we get Fit TV or not; I’ll have to look into it. I’m up to an hour on the trampoline, when I give myself enough time to actually do an hour. I just pop in a DVD to amuse me and go.

    Speaking of which, I’d better get on that right now. Thanks for the encouragement! It’s always appreciated!

  3. alex Says:

    well, i forgot to say it yesterday, but losing 15 pounds is awesome. i am proud of you! 🙂

  4. Dani Says:

    Thank you!

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