I bruise easily

I went to the wedding of a co-worker Saturday night. I don’t dance. Two of my other co-workers decided I needed to get out on the dance floor and physically dragged me from the table. I tried to resist, but they’re much bigger than me, so I lost. Somewhere along the way I hit something (a chair maybe) and ended up with this beauty. *sigh*

2 Responses to “I bruise easily”

  1. Tasha Says:

    It’s about time you updated the blog, although I’m sad to see it was an injury. Don’t be a slacker – keep posting – but try to avoid the bruises!

  2. Dani Says:

    I know, I know. Eventually I’ll be better about posting.

    And for the record, the bruise is bigger now than it is the picture. It’s probably a couple inches wide now and it’s pretty damn ugly!

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