2010 will be better

I doubt anyone even reads this blog anymore since I rarely post, but it’s the end of the year so I feel like I should give you something.

2009 sucked. I’m no longer married, and it wasn’t a pretty process.

2009 wasn’t too bad. I got closer to some of my friends, made some new and awesome friends, and reconnected with old friends.

2009 sucked. I fought with friends and lost touch with friends.

2009 was awesome. My sister had her first baby and gave me my first nephew.

2009 sucked. Jason went back to Iraq.

Generally, this was a shit year and I’m glad it’s almost over.

2 Responses to “2010 will be better”

  1. Beth Says:

    Just yesterday I was finally catching up on the blogs I follow, and I wondered why it had been so long since you’ve posted. Now I understand. 2009 was better, by far, than 2008 was for me, so I feel ya. Case in point: http://arealitychick.blogspot.com/2008/12/ringing-in-new.html

    I hope that 2010 will be a great year for you. I mean, you’ve already paid for it with this year, right? I have to sometimes tell myself, “It WILL get better,” “It WILL get better,” “It WILL get better.” You’ve made changes in your life to make it better, and all things being equal, you should see the results of that soon. Keep being who you are. Your true friends love you, and the rest of them can just suck it. We may need to roadtrip and discuss this over delicious drinkies. Chin up lovely girl.

  2. Dani Says:

    Oh Beth, we definitely need to plan those drinks. Why do we get hit with so much crap in one year? Can’t it be spread out a bit?

    So much of what’s gone on this year just wasn’t blog material, hence the silence. I’ve been telling myself a LOT lately “next year will be better,” and I know it’s true. But waiting to get to that better time su-ucks.

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