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I love the interweb

July 23, 2009

I just updated the blogroll, and wanted to draw your attention to a couple lovely ladies I met on Twitter. Fellow Jen Lancaster fan Beth and pop culture/movie/fashion/more blogger Rosy. They’re both awesome!

Epic worrying coming to a Dani near you

June 26, 2009

My friend Jason is going back to Iraq in August.

The last time he was there I scoured the Associated Press photos every day, hoping he’d be that soldier taking a break sitting on the tank or whatever the guy in the photo was doing, hoping he wasn’t the guy under fire. Whenever there was a story on the Ohio wire about a soldier being injured, or worse, I felt sick to my stomach and held my breath until I saw the name.

I worried worried worried until he came home. I caught the tail end of a clip on the news at dinner one night, and I thought I saw him. I rushed back to work to ask a coworker to find the clip so I could use his earphones to listen, and … I may have sat in the newsroom and cried a little when I saw him.

I told Jason  most of this when we had lunch Wednesday and he was amused. Probably thought I was exaggerating. I can assure you, I am not. I also made him take a picture with me at lunch:

Last time, I didn’t write nearly as often as I should have, and I still feel horribly guilty about it. This time though, I will write, and I will send packages when I can afford it, and this photo will sit on my desk to remind me to be a better friend.

I bruise easily

June 14, 2009

I went to the wedding of a co-worker Saturday night. I don’t dance. Two of my other co-workers decided I needed to get out on the dance floor and physically dragged me from the table. I tried to resist, but they’re much bigger than me, so I lost. Somewhere along the way I hit something (a chair maybe) and ended up with this beauty. *sigh*

Four months later

March 1, 2009

I was skimming through the blog a few days ago and realized that I never posted the Halloween costumes that I was so tickled about. So here they are.

Jenn & me, Halloween

Jenn & me, Halloween

Jenn and I went as the birds and the bees! We thought we were pretty clever. I still think so! And people got it, so I was happy.

Also, I put a photo of me from my sister’s baby shower on Flickr, but I’m not allowed to post any of her, so … uh, yeah. But I assure you, the rest of the photo is me rubbing her 8 1/2 months pregnant belly.

Giggle, snort

December 13, 2008

Magic Scarf models

Originally uploaded by Dani H.

So, last weekend Jenn and I met Mary Beth in Akron so we could go see “Twilight” together.

The weekend kicked off with Jenn driving to my house, then we went shopping, and Jenn got a tattoo. I did not expect to spend four hours at a tattoo parlor, and neither did she, but we did, and it was kind of interesting.

After that, we went back to the house, Dave picked up a pizza, and we played Harry Potter Scene It? Yes, I won, but I was behind for a while.

Saturday morning Jenn and I headed to Akron. We hung out with my sister for a while, then MB got there so the four of us hung out. Then we quickly checked into the hotel and scooted off to the movie theater.

After the movie, and after I cleared the car of snow, we had dinner at … where the hell did we eat? Applebees maybe. Then I cleared the car again and we went to Wal-Mart. At some point we also went to the grocery store, but honestly, I don’t remember when.

Once back in the hotel room, much drinking, taking photos and listening to music ensued. Jenn gave us each a Magic Scarf, slippers and a couple other things, and I think it’s safe to say that we had a little too much fun with the scarves. I think it’s also safe to say that I was loaded. Lots of laughing, complete with snorting. Oh, we also called Jeff and bothered him for about an hour.

Sunday morning we checked out, had breakfast with Kim & Charles, and then we all headed back home. And no, no hangover. Just an upset stomach from eating too much crap.

And … that’s it. So much fun! I’m thinking we should do it again, like the last weekend in March. Or something like that.


July 11, 2008

Wednesday was my birthday, and as I do most years, I spent it at work. But that’s OK. I got applause when I got there. Sure, it was only because I brought dump cake (which sounds disgusting, but it isn’t) but still, applause. That doesn’t happen very often. And Oh My God you should see the birthday card my friend Jason made for me. He put Hugh Laurie’s face on one of those beefcake cowboy cards, and I giggle and blush every time I think about it. Jason = awesome.

On Tuesday a semi took out the power at work for about an hour and a half. So I called Jeff and got to talk to him for exactly 33 minutes. Then we all hung out on the front steps like preppy hoodlums until the power and our computer system was given the all-clear.

Thursday we finally, finally got our cable & Tivo taken care of. The cable company had taken our digital tier off our service and it only took a week and a half for them to figure out what the problem was. Genius. Too bad I missed both chances to record the movie I wanted to record. Asshats.

So, really not too bad of a week, except for missing that movie.

Anger, I has it

March 29, 2008

I’ve stayed away longer than I wanted to, mainly because I’ve been so, so angry since the funeral. It’s not going away, and I’ve had additional anger added to my tightly-wound emotional state, so I guess I’ll just have to power through, the Michael Bluth way.

Things that royally pissed me off relating to my grandpa’s death:

— Someone getting upset whenever my grandma was mentioned (you know, his wife of 44 years, mother of his children, who isn’t around because she died not because they divorced)

— Someone bitching because all she could eat from the City Barbecue dinner between visitations was macaroni and cheese because she’s a vegetarian (guess you’d better learn to start thinking ahead, huh?)

— Someone listening to his mp3 player/iPod/whatever during the second visitation (I wanted to punch him)

— Someone carrying on before the funeral like it was her father or husband who had died (seriously, it was appalling)

There are several other things, but you get the gist.

The more recent anger-inducing events are best not talked about, but they made me feel the need to get wasted last night, which I did and which I am now paying for. Did you know you can’t drink like you’re 21 when you’re 30? I did, but that sure didn’t stop me.

We went up to my friend Jason’s house and played some euchre, and I did a lo-ot of drinking. Apple martini at dinner, wine coolers and sour apple pucker during the cards. I had a lot of fun, because I just adore hanging out with with Jason, and Dave and I rarely get to play cards. Today though, I’m really wishing I hadn’t had that last wine cooler.

In other news, I have a new crush: Jim Halpert from “The Office.” Dave is lucky Jim’s not a real person. If he were real, I’d be on the road to Scranton, Pa. right now. Also? I might consider letting John Krasinski be my boyfriend.

Yeah, we just watched the season two finale on Thursday, and I’m anxiously waiting for Dave to get home from a bachelor party so we can start watching season three. I finally get this post from MB, and like some of the people who commented on that post, I have been watching the end of the episode over and over. *sigh* So sweet. I love him.

Jackassery magnet

February 6, 2008

Getting ready to play
Originally uploaded by Dani H.

That would be me.

I got an e-mail from this person last week. Fifteen and a half months later. She’s sorry she hurt me, but in all the rambling never said that she doesn’t really think I’m a whore. Nice.

Also, two little hippie hooligans apparently don’t like the fact that I feed Rusty Beneful. Funny how they posted at the same time, eh?

One of them says, “Can’t you see he is suffering!!”

Suffering my ass. Does this look like a suffering dog to you? Uh, no. He is spoiled rotten, thankyouverymuch.

Update: Oh, hey, I deleted their comments because I was tired of dealing with them, but feel free to go look at Rusty anyway. 🙂

Update 2.0: I finally remembered where I got the word “jackassery.” From author Jen Lancaster. She’s my hero.


November 4, 2006

I had a lovely long rant all written out, ready to be posted, but after conversations with my boss and Dave, I changed my mind a bit. I’m still quite pissed about my treatment by a friend, but I’ve decided to assume that, similar to that song by Lonestar, it was just the crazy talking. I guess I just sit back and hope that instead of trying to handle it alone, professional help is sought. And if not, well, I’ve taken all the abuse I care to take, so count me out.

This bi-polar post brought to you by Crazytown

October 17, 2006

So many things bouncing around in my head, and instead of choosing one, I’m going to cram a few in here. I think we’ll get the bitchiness and nastiness over with first.

It’s very enjoyable to call up a friend to check up on them and have them call you a whore and hang up on you. I really wish my friends would do that more often, especially when I’m doing everything I can to help them out. Whatever. I’ve done my best, and maybe someday they’ll fucking figure that out.

Next up: The people who send you forwards about politics, religion, immigrants, gay people, all kinds of stuff without bothering to stop and think about how offended you may be by these e-mails. People, if you aren’t 100% sure what someone thinks about certain topics, don’t send that crap. Not everyone thinks all immigrants should get the hell out, not everyone thinks that giving gay people THE SAME RIGHTS that straight people have will make the world implode, not everyone wants to get that sappy drivel about the notecards filed in heaven, not everyone thinks that all Muslims are evil. Seriously, WTF?

On a more cheerful note, Tasha and Jeff were in town over the weekend for BGSU’s homecoming, and I got to spend most of my Saturday with them. So much fun! I didn’t make it up there in time to go to the BGNews tent, but that’s OK. Maybe next year. Anyway, the three of us had dinner at Easy Street and then Jeff & I went to Beckett’s to shoot pool while Tasha went back to the hotel to take a nap, leaving us without a car.

Not too far into things I took a step back away from the table after a shot and the heel on my left shoe broke. That sucks, of course, but the thing that really pissed me off was that I had bought the shoes less than three hours before! Luckily Dave was up that way watching football, so I called him and he came and took us to the mall so I could buy yet another pair of shoes. Then he dropped us back off at Beckett’s, and we waited for Tasha.

When Tasha got there we played some more pool, then we went to Downtown, which was a mistake because there were waaaaaaaaaay too many people there. We did run into our friend Bailey, but we still left after one drink and went to BW3 to eat again. Then we hung out in their hotel room for a little while, and I headed home. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting, but we laughed a lot and got to catch up, so it was a good time.

Oh, and Sunday I took the evil broken shoes back and they let me exchange them. I was going to get a different style, but I really liked the ones that broke, so I went with those again. I’ll just have to walk verrrrrrrry carefully and not take any steps backwards I guess.

Well, I must go vacuum up the pet dander and spray things down with allergen-reducing Febreze for allergy man, so I’m outta here.