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April 23, 2004

Oh man, I wish I could tell you what I did Wednesday. It’s a secret though, and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to tell yet. If the curiosity starts to kill you before I can tell, too bad! I will tell you it’s work-related, but that’s all you’ll get from me, for now. And that I’m proud to have been a part of it.

As a treat, and totally unrelated to what I did Wednesday, I’m taking Friday off from work. Major excitement, I know. We’re going to go look at some rentals and then go celebrate our friend Rob’s 30th birthday. I’ll probably do some dishes or something too, to add to the excitement.

You know, Mr. Haus turns 30 in July and I’m trying to figure out what to do for that. Any ideas would be appreciated (I mean party-wise, for all you gutter brains).

Talked to Kim today, and realized that I cannot have kids. I worry enough about my sister, and I can’t imagine the worry involved with a child. I think I should just have lots and lots of cats.

Speaking of cats, I don’t think I ever mentioned some fabulous books I read a couple months ago. Or did I? Well, I’m telling now, so if I’m repeating myself, sorry. Cat people should absolutely read “The Cat Who Went to Paris,” “A Cat Abroad” and “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever” by Peter Gethers. (Yes Gethers, not Gathers) Even dog people would probably enjoy them. This cat is amazing! I cannot tell you how wonderful they are. You will laugh out loud, and if you have cats, you’ll probably find yourself thinking “That’s just like the time …” Oh, and you’ll want some tissues for “The Cat Who’ll Live Forever.” Luckily I was reading it around 4 a.m. and Dave was asleep so I could bawl my eyes out without being embarrassed. Yeah, that pretty much gives things away, but you should be more prepared than I was.

And also, speaking of cats, we think the Fat Mojo may have a touch of arthritis. He’s been gimping around the last few days, and at first we thought it was his paw, but after poking at him and trying to inspect the suspect paw, we think it’s his shoulder. He never made a sound when I was messing with his paw, so I don’t think it’s hurt. I really don’t want to call the vet, but I know I should. We’ve had that cat to Dr. Jones way too many times. Thank goodness Sugar never gets sick!

*BURN UPDATE* It hates the rain.


January 19, 2004

Whew! I can finally refer to the surprise party for the Pammer! I’ve had to avoid any mention of the birthday so as not to slip up, but I made it! Woo-hoo!

There was a little soiree for my momma’s 50th birthday Friday, and boy did we trick her! (Or so she says, anyway) I talked to her right before I “went to work” Friday, then we booked it down to Worthington a bit later. She was a surprised Pammer! She thought Dave and I weren’t coming down until Saturday, but we LIED! Mwahahahahahaha!

Saturday Pammer and my Aunt Nancy and I went to the Thurber House in Columbus. Damn if it wasn’t boring. No guide for us, just laminated brochures. And the ghost didn’t make any noise, either. What the hell am I going to write about? I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll include the bit about the Kroninger sisters wanting to give James Thurber’s mother, Mame, a makeover. Anyway, after the house, we had lunch at the original Schmidt’s German restaurant. I had a very spicy Bahama Mama and some tasty potato pancakes, and then the three of us split one of Schmidt’s famous cream puffs, and I now know why they’re famous – they’re damn good!

After lunch we went to the Fudge Haus und gifts (or something like that, I can only remember the “und gifts”), and a little shop called The Red Stable, and then ran away from German Village because the weather was getting nasty.

So, all in all a fun day, but only because of the company. I did get some kick-ass fudge though.

Finished “Lord of the Rings.” As I told Sean at work, it’s one of the few books with a satisfying ending. It seems like there’s always one little loose end that never gets tied up. Like Sean said, “What about that guy that was hanging off the edge of the cliff in Chapter 4? What happened to him?”

Mojo would like you to know he just took a big poop. At least I think that’s what he wants. He ran in here from the litter box yowling at me, so I can only assume he wants you to know.

Anyhoo, chances are pretty good that Dave is going to get a two-year contract to teach distance learning classes at BGSU, so as soon as we know for sure, we’re going to look for a house to rent somewheres around here so we can get a … puppy! We’re going to take one of my parents’ puppies, although by the time we would get to bring him up here, I don’t think he’d be a puppy anymore. That’s OK though, we’ll just go down and see him lots and lots. I’ll put some pictures up sometime in the next few days.

BTW, I’ve been meaning to put a link to the site up in the happy little blurb, and I just noticed MB did that in her blurb. So I just want to say I’m not a copycat, I swear!

Spellcheck wanted to change Kroninger to corniness … if you know my mom and/or aunt, you’ll know why that’s so damn amusing!

*BURN UPDATE* Still there.

All hail Fat Mojo

January 14, 2004

I’ll start the way I ended the last one: Fat Mojo is demanding attention. Daddy apparently has been asleep for more than an hour so there’s been no belly rubs for the big-eyed boy. Damn but he’s a crybaby!

So I did A1 today, with much help from Ted, and I am not a happy camper. I know it’ll get better, but it gave me a headache today. My computer crashing didn’t help things, either. P.O.S.

Ah, but I have the Mojo to make me laugh. Every time he gets done using the litter box he dashes out into the living room like he’s gotta get away from the deposit he just made. Just now he had some trouble making it over the pile of shoes by the door, poor boy. Oh, and he yowls very loud once he makes it to the living room, I guess to announce what he’s done. What can I say, stupid things amuse me.

Like how I noticed there’s a bottle of white-out in the bathroom. Why? I honestly don’t know. I’m thinking it got picked up with some other little bottles (nail strengthener, eye drops) that belong in the bathroom. I just don’t know, but I found it pretty funny last night.

I got to see Jen for a bit Saturday, woo-hoo!! First Dave and I went to the GFAPA (Greater Findlay Area Press Association) Christmas in January dinner, then Jen got there and we headed home – with Jen of course. We babbled a little, I showed off some of my lame-ass crafts, and we played Simpson’s Road Rage. Good times.

I’ll be heading down to Columbus this weekend to do a travel story for work, since most of the reporters won’t do one. Notable exceptions: Joy and John, thank God for them! See, we have a travel page on Saturdays, and the reporters are supposed to take happy little day trips around Ohio and write about them. Gas, food, admission, all paid for, plus a day out of the office. Who the hell wouldn’t want to do this?

And guess what? This has nothing to do with the traveling, but I’m going to enter some headlines in the Ohio AP contest. I had a few I was pretty damn proud of last year, so what the hell, right?

Gots to go read “Return of the King.” I’m almost done, and then I can turn my attention to my sewing endeavors. For some reason, when I’m reading something I’ve never read before, I can’t focus on anything else leisure-wise until I’m done with the book. I’m nuts.

FYI, spellcheck wants to change Findlay to fondle, and Mojo to moos (the Mojo change would be appropriate).

*BURN UPDATE* Yuppers, still there.

What day is it?

January 4, 2004

As nice as it’s been to have an extra day off the last two weeks, there is one good thing about the holidays being over…I may actually know what day it is at some point in the coming week. I’m not making any promises, but it could happen.

I am currently reading “Lord of the Rings” and I must say, it’s pretty damn good. So far the movie seems to have stuck to the book for the most part, but Scott says that will change. That’s OK though. Not everything in a book works on film.

I’m trying to get myself psyched up again to try my hand at making the Barbie doll dresses. I’m going to have to go wander through eBay again and tell myself, “You could do so much better!” Then I’ll sell my stuff on eBay and get some extra money to buy the Arwen & Aragorn Barbie gift set. Or I could make sure Dave orders it now for my birthday, and use that extra money for some other frivolous thing. We’ll see…it all depends on if I actually get motivated!

I have some other crafty ideas, but I’m keeping them to myself until I do something about it…so you may never hear of this again!

*BURN UPDATE* Pink line is still there. It may be my imagination, or poor lighting, but it looks slightly fainter.


November 23, 2003

Woke up this morning, had no frigging idea what day it was. Thought it was Friday, but Golden Girls wasn’t on. Then I remembered that Dave was golfing, not at class, and realized it’s Sunday. This does not bode well for the rest of the day.

I think my confusion stems from the trauma of burning my arm on the iron yesterday. I don’t think I’ve ever burned myself this bad on an iron! Usually when my skin touches hot metal I have the sense to move, but I think I had a delayed reaction yesterday. Later I managed to catch it with my thumbnail while turning a sock right-side-out, which felt really good, so I put a big band-aid over it. Didn’t feel like tearing the skin off my arm just for a basketful of socks, you see. Anyway, this large band-aid didn’t want to come off nicely, so I ripped it (and some dry skin) off, and now there is a big red mark on my arm under the burn.

Gross and pointless story, I know, but now if you see me you won’t have to ask. Plus, that was the most exciting thing that happened yesterday. Dave and I were going to go out after dinner, but I was feeling too lazy after hours of laundry. Maybe next weekend.

I finished the book I mentioned in the last rambling – “By the Light of the Moon” by Dean Koontz. I’ve been looking for that book for I don’t know how long. I read an excerpt from it in one of his other books and it sounded interesting – I was hooked by talk of a woman’s pet jade plant named Fred. When I went to buy it, I couldn’t remember the title, or what book the excerpt was in, and never remembered to go through my books to find it. Finally figured out the title after many months, but every time I was in a bookstore, it wasn’t in stock. Meijer just happened to have it the other night so my stupid search is over. It was pretty good, not quite worth my months of irritation, but if you like Koontz’s books I would recommend it.