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Happy anniversary

November 24, 2004

I wanted to post yesterday, but it just didn’t happen. So, I’m announcing, belatedly, the one-year anniversary of the appearance of the burn on the blog. Just over a year ago I was an idiot and burned the shit out of my arm on the iron, and I now have a nice little scar. It’s faded quite a bit, but it’s still there, and always will be.

I just got off the phone with Tasha the multicultural whore (ha ha) after almost an hour and a half, and it was quite the fun conversation. I like to hear about the wackiness of the south! But she doesn’t want to talk about her flair, so don’t ask. (go watch Office Space if you don’t get that) But seriously, it was nice to have a cheerful conversation after being perpetually pissed off for the last 24 hours. Long story short, I have a boot with the dog’s ass’ name on it, and I’m not real happy with some other people or work right now.

But hey, I get today and tomorrow off, and then on Saturday I get to see MB at her baby shower, so there’s light at the end of this here tunnel.

Since I’m so grouchy, I’m going to sign off. Maybe I’ll be cheerier later in the day and I’ll tell you all about my annual Christmas shopping trip with Nadia.

*BURN UPDATE* It no longer wants to give updates, unless it’s really really important. I’m sorry, but it’s not.

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A tale of two weeks

November 17, 2004

It’s amazing how different two weekends can be. One good, one bad. Let’s talk about the good one first.

Almost two weeks ago, Dave and I headed down to Athens to spend a few days with the little one (known to most as Kim). We took the dog to the kennel Thursday morning and then began our trek down south. Once in A-town, we checked into the Amerihost and then went to Casa (restaurant where Kim works) to find Kim. We decided to get some tasty pizza and hang out at her house before coming back into town for some adult Shel Silverstein night at Casa that Charles wanted to go to. We discovered that they live waaaaay out in the boonies on a very scary gravel road, but the house is neat. The Shel Silverstein thing would have been much better if we had been able to see and hear it, but that’s life I guess. Of course, maybe it wasn’t really any good at all, because Charles spent most of the time back in the office of Casa.

Friday, we all rolled out of bed early to have breakfast at the Village Bakery (or something like that). After breakfast, Kim and I went to this crazy bead store. There were so many different kinds of beads and such that I’m pretty sure I didn’t even see everything! I must go back!

Now, I had always figured that many people in Athens were, how shall I put it, a little hippie-esque, but the lady that owns this store takes the cake. Keep in mind, this was the Friday after Election Day, and I had heard a lot of political blathering in the weeks leading up to Election day, but … This lady was talking to another girl working there, and I heard them talking about the election and Issue 1 (state ban on gay marriage [rat bastards]). These two were absolutely shocked that the ban had passed. I was absolutely shocked that they were that stupid. Apparently, people in Athens live in a tiny little bubble. They have no idea what goes on in the rest of the state, and I’d hazard to guess the country, and have no idea what a bunch of smug, self-righteous, gay-bashing bastards populate Ohio. I was just floored.

The other thing that made me shake my head was that this lady “just couldn’t spiritually understand” how Kerry lost to Bush. I wanted to tell her that she must not have had her crystals and rocks aligned correctly, but I again bit my tongue. I mean, she was after all counting out my beads to figure out the bill.

So after the bead outing, we ended up back at the hotel where Kim and Dave napped, and then Kim went to work. Then Dave and I napped, and then we went to dinner and to Wal-Mart to buy Kim a flashlight. The house was cool, but they seriously need another outside light to shine on the driveway. Then we met Kim at Casa because she was finished. We ended up playing Scrabble at Casa during “Latin Dance Night,” which was so freaking loud that we couldn’t even hear each other when we were shouting in each other’s ears. Scrabble good, loud music bad.

So Saturday morning we again got up at the butt crack of dawn. Dave and I checked out, then headed to – you guessed it – Casa for breakfast. Kim had to work in the bar after that, so we hung out at the bar for a little while and then headed out for mom & dad’s. The visit was pretty good overall, despite our being shunned several times (not by Kim).

The highlight of Saturday was the keith urban concert that night. I have to say, KEITH URBAN FUCKING ROCKS MY WORLD!!! He is a fantastic performer, sings and plays the guitar like you wouldn’t believe, and really seems to love what he’s doing. My pictures didn’t come out at all, so I’m pretty pissed about that, but hey, at least we were at the concert. I’ll just throw a little plea out there to keith to please, please, please cut the smoke machine for at least one song, like maybe for “You’ll Think of Me,” so your adoring fans can get one good picture to remember the concert. But like I said, it was a great concert, and the music is starting to grow on Dave so I’m hoping we’ll go again next time he tours.

My bad weekend started last Thursday. I’d had a cold all week, so I was planning on just hanging around the house and resting, maybe doing some laundry. A couple of Dave’s friends wanted us to go up to BG to play pool, but I didn’t really want to so I told Dave to go and have fun. Later that night Dave called and told me that he’d run into a friend of mine, Jason Frost, who told him that a second friend who’s in the reserves, Jason Carmen, got called up to go to Iraq and was leaving Saturday and that they were having a going away party for him Friday night. To put it mildly I was pretty shocked.

After much crying and freaking out, I called to see if I could take Friday off from work, and then I sat around berating myself and feeling guilty for not have talked to Carmen in so long and wasting all that time we’ve all had to get together. You always take things for granted, you know?

So Friday Dave and I went to the party, and it was horrible. It was so great to see the guys, but it was so hard to just pretend to be happy and pretend like it was any other party. But I didn’t cry, although there were a lot of hugs given. And I had several drinks, so that’s pretty impressive, take it from me. We got home around 4:30 a.m. and I had a little bit of a headache, so I took an Aleve and went to bed. Not smart. I started puking around 5 and once that gate was open, it didn’t want to close.

I think that aside from the alcohol/Aleve mixture, the holding in of emotions just made me sick. That and all the snot from my cold/sinus problems. Those three things combined to keep me in bed until 5 p.m. Saturday, which totally sucked. So don’t do that.

Well, I again have a headache, so I’m going to go to bed.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s in love with keith urban.

Hell at work

November 2, 2004

Just one more day, I just have to make it one more day before a little more vacation time and trekking down to Athens and going to the keith urban concert. And what a day-from-hell it’s going to be. Election Day, how I hate thee.

Don’t get me wrong, voting is great and you should all go vote, but damn it sucks to work at a daily paper on election night. Especially during a presidential election, because then we have to wait for all those west coast numbers. Blah! But, there will be all the tasty treats that everyone brings in, so there is one good thing about it.

Speaking of tasty treats, I’m eating a caramel apple with peanuts on it, and it is goo-oo-ood! And I’m drinking mocha chocolate milk. It may sound like an odd combination, but I don’t care. They’re both good, and that’s what matters.

Well, I’m going to go play silly computer games before I try and go to bed early.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s not looking forward to the election madness either.

Lazy days

October 23, 2004

Vacations are nice, even if all you do is laze around the house. I took Wednesday and Friday off (I have Thursdays and Saturdays off), and to be quite honest, I haven’t done a whole hell of a lot. I’ve worked on Dave’s Halloween costume, drunk (drank?) a lot of coffee, played mosh pit with the dog, and kicked the computer’s ass at a Scrabble-esque game. It’s fun to be lazy! And for now, I can thread my sewing machine and refill a bobbin without looking at the owner’s manual – now that’s progress!

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of the big flowy robe for Dave’s costume, but the pants are a disappointment. In the picture on the pattern envelope, it shows a guy in this tunic/pants ensemble, a la Star Wars or something, and the pants look normal. On Dave’s pants, however, the crotch is at the knees. Explain this to me! I cut out the pieces following the pattern, I followed all the directions, and I now have pants for someone with legs a foot long and a torso that’s like three feet long. WTF?? I’m dreading starting the tunic tomorrow, because who knows what that’ll end up looking like.

Mom was telling me funny stories about her work today, and one of them required her to say a naughty word! Well, I think it’s a naughty word some kid made up (have you ever called someone a fuckwad?), but that actually made it even funnier! Pammy doesn’t cuss the way, say, I do, so it makes me giggle when she does.

Yeah, I’ve got problems. But I’m on vacation for one more day, so who cares?

*BURN UPDATE* It wants to surf the Net.

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Mojo’s mad

October 18, 2004

This was quite the interesting day. Nothing out of the ordinary for most of the day, but we discovered an AP photo of John Kerry campaigning in Xenia holding up a copy of the Courier. There was a big brouhaha last week regarding something John Snow said during a visit to Findlay, and the Dems picked it up and ran with it. If you want to read about it, go to the Courier Web site and look at last Tuesday or Wednesday’s stories (I don’t remember which day it was). Anyway, we put the picture on the front page for today’s paper with a happy little campaign roundup story.

After the paper was out, I was cruising the Courier’s public forum on the Web site, and discovered that some chicken-shit anonymous person posted the address for my Web site on the forum. I can’t figure out why, though. I rarely post anything on there, and as far as I know I haven’t severely pissed anyone off. I find it amusing that this person didn’t have the nerve to put their name with their trickery. Grow up! But I figure hey, maybe my fanbase will double to six!

So, I head home, hoping to catch a few minutes of the Yankees/Red Sox game *cough cough* lucky bastards *cough cough* to discover that Mojo had peed all over Dave because one of his friends was here and demanded to see Mojo. Dave tried to take Mojo downstairs and Mojo got scared and peed all over and then went and hid. Anyway, I get home to discover that we have to give poor Mojo a bath because he was soaking wet and stinky and yucky. I ended up basically taking a bath with him, because he fought more than he’s ever fought when we’ve had to give him a bath. It’s madness, madness I tell you!

After that, I had to shower and get all the Mojo fur off me. Then I worked on the site to make my new friends feel welcome and to update some of the info, and here I am.

I have to tell you, I am so freaking psyched about going to see keith urban next month! I’ve been listening to “Golden Road” over and over and over, and it kicks my ass! I’ve got to go out and get his other two CDs so I can sing along to those too. But I’m telling you, if you buy one CD this year (what’s left of it, anyway) it should be “Golden Road.” DO IT! No, shhhh, just buy it, I don’t care if you don’t like country music. Buy it.

Oh, something else. Certain women in my life have told me that I have a northwest Ohio accent. To them I say Shut It. I refuse to believe it. But I still love you.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s dreading that nasty s-word: SNOW

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Effing velvet

October 15, 2004

Oh, good god, the next time someone hears me say I’m going to make something out of velvet, shake me and remind me of Dave’s Halloween costume, OK? It’s almost done, thanks to phone help from the Pammer, but it has been a BITCH! As Dave likes to say about things, it’s been at least a 100 effer (as in f—er) project. Now all I have to do is hem the robe, and that part is done. Then the hat, and then I can move on to nice smooth silk (or silk-wannabe, I’m not sure). Probably not easy either, but at least it won’t be velvet. But the robe looks pretty kick-ass, and quite Dumbledore-esque, so I’m happy.

I have such the love-hate relationship with sewing. I get severely pissed off while sewing, but I keep going because I’m usually pretty proud of the finished product. And non-sewers are always so impressed, even with crap work, so that’s nice too.

When everything is finished, I’ll make Dave model and post some pictures on the site. I think I’ll also post pictures of some of my other crafty accomplishments, like my jewelry that I’m so proud of and my cute bathroom accessories, and who knows what else. I’ve become a bit crafty in the past couple of years. I just don’t have enough time to do much. >:o

Well, I’m going to go doctor some pics for my fez page. If you wind up on there and don’t like it I guess I’ll take it down, but I’ll probably call you a crybaby first.

*BURN UPDATE* It wants to kill the sewing machine.

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Early to BG, and don’t be a jerk

October 8, 2004

Hey look everyone, I’m awake before noon! I’ve actually been up since 8 a.m., can you believe it? We took Rusty to the vet to get his distemper and bordatella (sp?) vaccines bright and early…blech! We also ordered tickets to the keith urban concert in Columbus next month! Woo-hoo! I bought his second album earlier this week, and I must say, I like it an awful lot. I’m listening to it now, in fact.

I also took a second jewelry-making class with Joy last night. We made earrings this time, and it was pretty fun, despite the complete bitch that sat next to me. I asked her to switch seats so I could sit across from Joy so that Joy and I could share a bead tray, and you would have thought I’d asked the lady to leave or if I could kick her cat or something. Geez, all you have to do is stand up, take three steps to the left and sit down again. Is it really that big of a deal?

Speaking of bitches, I read MB’s blog a little bit ago, and I just can’t believe what a bunch of idiots there are in the world. People are apparently sending her nasty e-mails telling her they’re tired of reading about her being pregnant and pregnancy-related things. Um, it’s her blog! And generally when you have a blog where you write about your life and you get pregnant, since that’s a part of you life, you’re going to write about it! I write about the stupid animals a lot, and if you don’t like it, then go away. It’s that simple. So, MB, you rock on and write about SupaMojo/The Beaner and tell those jerks where they can go. People are just assholes!

On that note, I’m going to go play Mah Jong. Keep an eye on the Web site for a new page I’m hoping to add soon: Things I found in my flower beds. It might be interesting or it might be stupid. We’ll see.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s disgusted that Rusty threw up in the car on the way home from the vet.

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September 29, 2004

It’s rare these days that the computer’s free when I get home from work. Dave’s teaching online classes now, so he spends a lot of time on this here machine. It just doesn’t seem right to say “Hey, stop doing work so I can mess around online,” ya know?

Lots of stuff has gone on since my last post, not much of it very interesting. Most of it’s just the little kinds of things that’s of no interest to anyone but me, and maybe Dave.

Well, Dave and I celebrated our third anniversary. That was more interesting than most things. We were married Sept. 8, 2001. That’s right! We were in Canada on a mini-honeymoon on Sept. 11. I was going to write about that on Sept. 11 this year, but I just really didn’t feel like it. Maybe next year. On a happy note, Dave got me (us) surround sound for our anniversary, and it’s pretty damn cool. Three little speakers on the front wall, one big speaker by the entertainment center, and two little speakers behind the couch. It’s crazy to hear the little sounds you’ve never noticed before when you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie.

We took my co-worker Kurt and his twin girls fishing at my parents’ house a couple weeks ago. Good times were had by all. I actually did some fishing, which I haven’t done in several years. I was impressed that I can still cast, but I lost one on Dave’s pole ’cause I pulled a little too hard and the line snapped. Oh well.

Rusty has the fleas, so he got a bath last week, and all three animals got a Frontline treatment yesterday. They were not impressed, and Rusty did a bit of peeing in the living room and kitchen. He tends to get scared when both of us come at him, can’t imagine why. Just because it usually means bathtime or trouble…

I took a bracelet-making class with Joy a few weeks ago, and I’m quite proud of the results. I tried to take a picture of it to put on the Web site, but it’s a bit blurry. We’ll see how it looks. Joy and I are taking an earring-making class next week, and then we’re gonna head to Hobby Lobby and go bead crazy. Woo-hoo!

I’ve been in a semi-crafty mood lately. I finished curtains for one living room window (except for the ties) on Sunday, and I’m hoping to start work on the ones for the other living room window on Thursday before our new weekly pool date with Dave’s friends. I’m also really in the mood to do that Barbie doll dress thing again (can I say again if I really only ever made one practice dress?). And as far as I know, I’m making Dave’s Dumbledore costume this year in hopes that we get happy little trick-or-treaters now that we live in a house. So much to make, so little time.

Well, I want to go mess around with my site now, so nighty-night!

*BURN UPDATE* It’s looking forward to fall/winter when I go back to being pasty white so it will show up better.

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Stupid Cali

August 14, 2004

Since I tend to not pay attention to the news on my day off, this is a day or so late, but California sucks. Actually, most of the states suck, Ohio in a big way, but Calif. just made headlines for sucking, so they’re getting singled out. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you suck too. Click here so you won’t suck any more. And I learned as I was looking for that link that Australia sucks, too.

On another topic, Rusty just got yelled at by Dave for eating cat shit. Trivial, I know, but I thought I’d get my mind onto another topic. Now Dave is making idle threats that the dog can’t understand about building a dog house and making Rusty sleep outside. Dogs are great.

We’ll be heading to my parents’ house in a little over 10 hours for a fishing “tournament,” so I’m thinking I should probably at least think about going to bed. Nighty-night!

*BURN UPDATE* It’s snoring.


August 10, 2004

Ah, I beat my last record of length between posts. How nice. I’m going to do better from now on, I swear. Even if the online classes Dave’s teaching have to be pushed aside.

So what’s new, you might ask. I might answer not a heck of a lot. The house resembles a home now, although many things have just been shoved into closets and the garage, thanks to my parents, sister, aunt & uncle, cousin and a friend of ours.

See, I threw a surprise birthday party for Dave on Saturday, and the aforementioned wonderful people helped me pull everything together at the 11th hour by shoving unsightly boxes, well, out of sight. The house looked (and still looks, for the most part) pretty good.

The party was a success; Dave seems to have been quite surprised, thanks to some help and sneakiness on the parts of Jim & Lori, and thanks to no one slipping up (including myself, and it was really hard!).

On another topic pertaining to the madness of my life, work just plain sucks for the most part right now. We got a new computer system & pagination system, and it’s making everyone’s life quite difficult. Much confusion, much frustration, much cursing. My sympathies to Supa MB, who will be getting the same system.

So between trying to settle in, then frantic house cleaning, work stress, and Dave needing the computer a lot more, I haven’t had much of a chance to be online for an extended amount of time. And I didn’t want to miss calls during the day, but today I said “Screw it!” That’s what we have voice mail for. And we’re going to get DSL sometime soon, so I won’t have to worry about those missed telemarketing calls anymore. Speaking of which, CitiBank seriously pissed me off last week, but I think I’ll save that for my next babbling session.

*BURN UPDATE* The tan has really made it less noticeable, so it’s devised ways to get back at me. I ran into a doorway Saturday and spilled coffee on my freshly mopped kitchen floor, and I think the scar is somehow responsible. I now have a very large bruise on my left forearm just below my elbow.