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And so it begins

November 11, 2007

I know it’s winter, despite what the calendar says. I know because my hair stands on end when I pull my hood down, I shock the dog if we’re standing on carpet, I’ve switched from my Bath & Body body wash to my super-dry-skin Oil of Olay wash, and I have to put lotion on my hands to keep the skin from splitting.

I’m going to have to clear things away from the vents in my sewing room asap so I can turn the heat on back there. That room & my bathroom aren’t on the heating/cooling system with the rest of the house. The sewing room has its own system, and the bathroom has a heat fan in the ceiling.

Not only do I have projects to finish, but the animals’ food and water, and the cats’ litter box, are in that room, and they like to just hang out back there. I don’t want to sew in a freezing room, but more importantly, I don’t want them to have to hang out in a freezing room. Yes, yes, I know they have fur, but what’s wrong with wanting them to be warm?

On a completely unrelated topic, on Nov. 15 a bunch of people, including myself, will be posting about being “Invisible and Childfree.” There will be links to these posts at Purple Women & Friends. If you would like to participate, just e-mail Teri at Purple Women with the link to your post, so she can include you in the list.



October 28, 2007

Fall aftermath
Originally uploaded by Dani H.

That’s how I described my Sunday two weeks ago to my sister.

Our house is very asscentric. Mojo likes to show off his, Rusty gets his spanked when he’s bad, Rusty is obsessed with Mojo’s, I am currently obsessed with making normal poop come out of Neville’s (he’s got a diarrhea problem at the moment), Sugar is always looking to kick some, and I asked two friends at work to keep an eye on mine for a few days.


I had a little mishap a couple weeks ago. I was sitting on a stepstool scooping Mojo & Sugar’s litter box, trying to pry a large clump free (what happened is karma for my not having scooped in a few days). I managed to topple myself backwards off the stool, landing on Rusty’s ceramic food dish, which already had a piece broken out of it.

I broke another piece off when I landed on it, which not only hurt but made me mad (imagine that). Obscenities were yelled, and I went back to scooping.

Dave came out to see what happened, so I told him what an idiot I was. He walked around behind me and said, “Uh, you’re bleeding!” I felt the spot, and sure enough, blood — and two little holes in my shorts — were found.

Scooping forgotten I went into the bathroom to check my wound and discovered that it looked like a vampire had latched onto my inner left ass cheek. Nice. (Side note: Do you know how hard it is to check something like that in a mirror? I can tell you: very.)

So I washed my wound (also not easy) and tried to stop the bleeding. Tried being the operative word. I didn’t think it would ever stop! At one point I thought it had stopped, so I rinsed out the washcloth really good, checked the injury, and found blood running down my leg. Also nice.

I started to get worried, and declared that “No way in hell am I getting stitches in my ass today.” Dave came in after the bleeding had slowed down and said it didn’t look like it needed stitches anyway.

I eventually finished the scooping (very carefully) and then it was time to shower for work. Hot water on cuts: Ouch. Body wash on cuts: Ouch. Shampoo on cuts: Ouch.

So, that’s why I had two friends watching my ass. I just wanted a little heads up if the bleeding started again.

The new addition

August 30, 2007

Closeup lap cat
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Last Friday that cute little kitten there was hanging around outside work. He was all scrawny and wet, and I said if he was still around when I went home he was going to have to go with me. Well, my friend Jason went looking for the kitten, and after sitting back behind the bushes found the kitten and brought him inside.

So now the kitten is living in our bathroom. He’s got some infections, ear mites and worms, but as soon as he’s all better he’ll be allowed out with everyone else.

It was Dave’s turn to name the pet, and out of all the suggestions, including several storm-related ones, he chose Neville (from Harry Potter).

Neville is just the sweetest little thing! He is constantly purring, and loves to sit or lay in your lap and get his belly scratched. He also likes to snuggle up under your chin or sit on your shoulder. He’s like a little rag doll — pick him up, move him around on your lap, put him over your shoulder, hold him like a baby, he doesn’t care.

He hates getting his medicine though, but he never tries to get away, and when it’s all over with he just curls back up in my lap and starts purring again.

The “fun” really begins, though, when the other animals meet him …

Heavy breathing

April 21, 2007

More duffel cat
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Dani H..

Do you see the sweet little Baby Cat to the right? That little brat gave us a scare earlier tonight, as she’s been known to do.

While Dave & I were eating dinner, there was a ruckus in the office (Cause: Fat Mojo attack). We went in and broke it up, shooed everyone out.

So later, I’m in the office surfing the Net, and I hear something scratching at the window, akin to nails on a chalkboard. I’m thinking the possum is back and wants in. I pull the curtain aside just as Sugar Puddin’ leaps against the window again FROM THE OUTSIDE. As in trying to GET BACK INSIDE.

I calmly went to the living room and told Dave that she was out there – how the fuck did she get out there? – but not to come out with me while I tried to get her because she’d really freak out if we both were trying to get her.

Well, I saw her at the end of the house and she mewed at me, but would not come to me. I tried to find her, but it was way too dark, so I had Dave get me a flashlight. That’s when he told me that the cats had knocked the screen out of the window – ah, that’s how.

Well, I found her huddled by the backyard fence, and she yowled at me, but I knew she wouldn’t come to me, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Then I saw Dave in the office window, which he opened. I told him to stand back ’cause she’d be flying in any second, and sure enough she did.

I don’t know if she fell out, or just thought she’d go on a little adventure, and I guess it doesn’t really matter but DAMN.

Some of her other panic-inducing moments include her getting away when I tried to take her outside on a leash when I lived on MAIN STREET in Bowling Green because I am stupid, her dashing outside to chase a cat when I tried to throw water on it, and her hiding in a suitcase on moving day making us think she’d gotten out while our mattress was being taken to the van. I knew from the first two incidents that no way would I get close to her tonight since I almost had to tackle her those times to get hold of her.

But, everyone is safe and sound, and all screenless windows are closed for the night.

Something to sneeze at

October 7, 2006

I told MB I’d tell Vegas stories, didn’t I? That’s funny, because I don’t have any wild or crazy ones, or even ones people might find interesting. Oh well, you can skip them if you want.

We stayed at the Imperial Palace, and you know what? They really give you the feeling that they just don’t give a damn since the place is being torn down in a year or whatever. If you’re going to Vegas before the Palace is torn down, I would recommend that you do not stay there. I can’t even give an example of the lack of caring, it was just the whole experience.

The monorail, which wasn’t built yet the last time we were out, is great! $15 for a 24-hour pass, it goes up and down the strip, it’s air conditioned, you don’t have to fight strip traffic or pay an arm and a leg for a taxi … like I said, it’s great!

The wedding went off without a hitch, the bride and groom looked beautiful, the chapel was nice, the minister was jolly, the photographer was kind of wacky, and I got to show my boobs to Las Vegas. I think the word Joy used to describe the bridesmaids’ dresses was “boobilicious,” and they sure were! But that’s OK, it was Vegas!

Dave and I ate dinner at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill at Harrah’s, and I was in heaven. Toby Keith = awesome, and his music was everywhere, and there was a gift shop, and the food was good, so we’ll definitely be going there the next time we’re in LV.

We also went to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton, and that was pretty neat. It’s kind of expensive, but there’s lots of memorabilia to look at and there are two short show kind of things to do. And, of course, a gift shop. Even if you’re not a hard-core Trekkie but like the shows, I think it’s worth doing.

The last time we were in LV I got a (fake diamond) ring at the Scarab Shop in the Luxor, and I got one this past time, too. I’ve decided that that’s going to be my LV “thing,” getting a ring at that shop whenever we’re there. How girly!

OK, that was August … last month Kim, Mom and I went to the Yankee Peddler festival thingy, and that was pretty fun. So many cool crafty things! Pottery, jewelry, metalworks, herbs, candles … I spent a good chunk of change, but I did actually restrain myself. We’ve decided to make it an annual outing, but if the bagpiper stalks us again next fall, I’m going to have to take him out.

Also last month Dave finally went to an allergist, which is where the title of this post comes in. He woke up unable to breathe several weeks ago, and thought maybe he should see somebody. (I won’t point out that when he got his FULL health coverage a couple years ago I suggested visiting an allergist.) As it turns out, Dave’s not just allergic to grass or some plants; he maybe should be living in a bubble. The list is: trees – elm, ash, walnut, pines and cotwood (cottonwood?); weeds – cockelbur, ragweed, pig weed, mugwort, English plantain, marsh elder, Russian thistle, and a couple abbreviated things that I can’t figure out; dust mites; and, are you ready for this? Dogs (a little) and cats (a lot)!

How fun is that? (not very) I’m trying to do better at cleaning the house, but it’s not working all that well. The animals are no longer allowed in our bedroom, and the cats are PISSED OFF about that one, let me tell you. And Dave now has to take medicine and has to get shots for the next five years. He has to get one in each arm once a week, but I guess the frequency will lessen over time. But then, when it’s all done, hopefully he’ll be immune to the allergens.

In less interesting news, I won a gourd-decorating contest at work. I may get around to taking a picture of it sometime, and if I do, I’ll post it so you can marvel at the pathetic-ness that is my artistic ability.

Up on the roof

May 3, 2005

OK, here’s the Sugar Puddin’ story, as promised.

I was outside with the dog when I heard someone say, “Oh my god no! Get back here!” Rusty ran to the side of the house, so I thought it was the boy with the dog that runs loose, being scared because I’ve threatened to call the dog warden the next time that dog gets anywhere near Rusty. I went to the side of the house, no boy, no dog. I realized it was Dave that had said it, and that he was upstairs.

Then Dave says, “Dani! Sugar’s on the roof!” Well, that’s not a good thing! Luckily though, it’s a flat roof so she didn’t go skidding down anywhere. I backed up into the yard so that I could see the window where Dave was, and I see Sugar scrambling to get back in the window. She couldn’t get a foothold, so Dave pulled her back in.

Turns out, Dave was upstairs working and had the window open. Sugar is a big fan of sitting in open windows. She’s also a big fan of standing on her back legs to reach things between the window and the screen. There was a little hole in the screen, so we figure she was stretching up to play with the torn part, leaned too hard on the screen and fell out.

Dave said she was darting back and forth on the roof, looking over the side, trying to figure out what to do. Apparently she decided that even though she’s a very good jumper, she’s not good enough to make it through that landing.

I’m sure this story would have been much more amusing had I told it when it happened, as it was fresher, but that’s life. Between being grouchy and not feeling like getting online and Dave hogging the computer when I do feel like blogging … well, obviously, not a lot of posts. I’ll try to do better, I promise!

Pretty boring, except for the dream

February 22, 2005

Eh, so it’s not the next day or during daylight hours, but at least it’s not two weeks later. Really not much to tell anyway. A general lack of sleep, a general grouchiness, a general despair that our house will never look like two adults with real jobs live here but will always look like college frat boys live here – you know, the usual stuff.

The threat of a full moon has once again taken its wacky toll on Mojo. He had a strange fascination with Rusty’s ear – the inside of it – over the weekend, and tonight he went from sitting on the chair to doing a u-turn run on the chair before dashing off like the devil was on his tail. Speaking of which, I had a dream that part of Mojo’s tail broke off, kind of like how a tree branch breaks off. There wasn’t any blood, just some snot-looking stuff that could have been slobber gobs from Rusty. It was a very weird dream.

And those, boys and girls, are the highlights. Unless you want to hear about all the cleaning I did this weekend, which I’m pretty sure you don’t.

Mojo’s mad

October 18, 2004

This was quite the interesting day. Nothing out of the ordinary for most of the day, but we discovered an AP photo of John Kerry campaigning in Xenia holding up a copy of the Courier. There was a big brouhaha last week regarding something John Snow said during a visit to Findlay, and the Dems picked it up and ran with it. If you want to read about it, go to the Courier Web site and look at last Tuesday or Wednesday’s stories (I don’t remember which day it was). Anyway, we put the picture on the front page for today’s paper with a happy little campaign roundup story.

After the paper was out, I was cruising the Courier’s public forum on the Web site, and discovered that some chicken-shit anonymous person posted the address for my Web site on the forum. I can’t figure out why, though. I rarely post anything on there, and as far as I know I haven’t severely pissed anyone off. I find it amusing that this person didn’t have the nerve to put their name with their trickery. Grow up! But I figure hey, maybe my fanbase will double to six!

So, I head home, hoping to catch a few minutes of the Yankees/Red Sox game *cough cough* lucky bastards *cough cough* to discover that Mojo had peed all over Dave because one of his friends was here and demanded to see Mojo. Dave tried to take Mojo downstairs and Mojo got scared and peed all over and then went and hid. Anyway, I get home to discover that we have to give poor Mojo a bath because he was soaking wet and stinky and yucky. I ended up basically taking a bath with him, because he fought more than he’s ever fought when we’ve had to give him a bath. It’s madness, madness I tell you!

After that, I had to shower and get all the Mojo fur off me. Then I worked on the site to make my new friends feel welcome and to update some of the info, and here I am.

I have to tell you, I am so freaking psyched about going to see keith urban next month! I’ve been listening to “Golden Road” over and over and over, and it kicks my ass! I’ve got to go out and get his other two CDs so I can sing along to those too. But I’m telling you, if you buy one CD this year (what’s left of it, anyway) it should be “Golden Road.” DO IT! No, shhhh, just buy it, I don’t care if you don’t like country music. Buy it.

Oh, something else. Certain women in my life have told me that I have a northwest Ohio accent. To them I say Shut It. I refuse to believe it. But I still love you.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s dreading that nasty s-word: SNOW

Home page


September 29, 2004

It’s rare these days that the computer’s free when I get home from work. Dave’s teaching online classes now, so he spends a lot of time on this here machine. It just doesn’t seem right to say “Hey, stop doing work so I can mess around online,” ya know?

Lots of stuff has gone on since my last post, not much of it very interesting. Most of it’s just the little kinds of things that’s of no interest to anyone but me, and maybe Dave.

Well, Dave and I celebrated our third anniversary. That was more interesting than most things. We were married Sept. 8, 2001. That’s right! We were in Canada on a mini-honeymoon on Sept. 11. I was going to write about that on Sept. 11 this year, but I just really didn’t feel like it. Maybe next year. On a happy note, Dave got me (us) surround sound for our anniversary, and it’s pretty damn cool. Three little speakers on the front wall, one big speaker by the entertainment center, and two little speakers behind the couch. It’s crazy to hear the little sounds you’ve never noticed before when you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie.

We took my co-worker Kurt and his twin girls fishing at my parents’ house a couple weeks ago. Good times were had by all. I actually did some fishing, which I haven’t done in several years. I was impressed that I can still cast, but I lost one on Dave’s pole ’cause I pulled a little too hard and the line snapped. Oh well.

Rusty has the fleas, so he got a bath last week, and all three animals got a Frontline treatment yesterday. They were not impressed, and Rusty did a bit of peeing in the living room and kitchen. He tends to get scared when both of us come at him, can’t imagine why. Just because it usually means bathtime or trouble…

I took a bracelet-making class with Joy a few weeks ago, and I’m quite proud of the results. I tried to take a picture of it to put on the Web site, but it’s a bit blurry. We’ll see how it looks. Joy and I are taking an earring-making class next week, and then we’re gonna head to Hobby Lobby and go bead crazy. Woo-hoo!

I’ve been in a semi-crafty mood lately. I finished curtains for one living room window (except for the ties) on Sunday, and I’m hoping to start work on the ones for the other living room window on Thursday before our new weekly pool date with Dave’s friends. I’m also really in the mood to do that Barbie doll dress thing again (can I say again if I really only ever made one practice dress?). And as far as I know, I’m making Dave’s Dumbledore costume this year in hopes that we get happy little trick-or-treaters now that we live in a house. So much to make, so little time.

Well, I want to go mess around with my site now, so nighty-night!

*BURN UPDATE* It’s looking forward to fall/winter when I go back to being pasty white so it will show up better.

Home page

Stick around for the Mojo

May 4, 2004

Well, we signed our lease Friday. A nice little two-story house here in town. Street seems quiet, we’re near a park, and there’s a bit of a yard for the puppy. Inside, stairs for the cats to race up and down on, nooks to hide in, and a pantry in the kitchen for Baby Cat to perch upon. I think we’ll be happy, even though there’s only one bathroom.

Not much else going on. I’m distraught over the end of “Friends,” so we went and bought season 1 on DVD. Oh man, did I ever laugh my ass off Saturday night. Actually, the reason I wanted to get it is because Dave’s grandma is very sick, and I wanted something to take his mind off that for at least a little while. He needed laughs.

It’s too freaking cold for May, let me tell you. When you can see your breath at night, it’s just not right.

Oh, we took Fat Mojo to the vet last week, and Dr. Jones couldn’t find anything wrong. He checked both front legs and said he didn’t feel anything out of sorts. So, he put Mojo on the floor to watch him walk, but all Mojo did was almost hide in the trash can, low walk, and try to get back in his cage. Low walking, in case you’re wondering, is when he crouches down and runs. It’s pretty amusing. Anyway, with the low walking, Dr. Jones couldn’t see him limp of course, so the Mojo got a cortisone shot, and seems to be all better, so who knows what his deal was. He did let me know how displeased he was about the whole trip when we got home though. He yowled at me for a while and then punished me by going in another room to sleep. Mean, isn’t he?

*BURN UPDATE* It wonders what all the fuss is about over the puppy.