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This stinks

December 16, 2004

I am such a scrooge this year – I can’t even begin to guess how many times I’ve muttered/said/shouted “I hate Christmas” or some variation on that in the last month or so. I’m sick of fighting crowds in stores and sitting in a parking lot just waiting to get in or out (or into the Bob Evans parking lot) and being told “I’m sorry, we don’t have that, but we can special order it” and having people look at me like I’m retarded when I ask about an item and driving all over the frigging state (or into Michigan) to go to a certain store. I’ll tell you what, whoever gets a gift from us this year had better act like it’s the best gift they ever got, or there’s going to be some serious problems.

Speaking of gifts, I’ve been making gifts for a couple people (which also has caused me great frustration at times, but I’ll get over it) and I had a most foul experience Saturday night while working on these projects. I was all settle in on the couch, crafting away, with Sugar Puddin’ curled up on the back of the couch and Rusty curled up on the floor at my feet, both of them asleep. All was good until the most horrific stink wafted up from the dog. It was so awful I couldn’t even concentrate on what I was doing … he gassed me out of the family room! I had to leave because trying to fan it away wasn’t working, and you can only hold your breath so long before you have to breathe again. It just amazes me how much more awful dog (and cat) farts are than human farts.

Dave and I are going to create a “Things Heard at Work That are Never Good” list, or maybe a “Things I Never Want to Hear at Work Again” list, something along those lines. If you’ve got something, e-mail it to me and we’ll add it. I’m not sure where it’ll end up, but it’ll probably be somewhere on the site. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Migraine Christmas

December 28, 2003

Just read MB’s blog, and I’m so glad to know I’m not a freak, because I too cried while watching “Return of the King.” There were a few parts that got me, but I think the main one was when…oh, maybe I shouldn’t say, in case people haven’t seen it yet. I’ll just say it’s toward the end and involves Frodo. I haven’t read the books, so I had no idea what was going to happen. We rented “Fellowship of the Ring” and “Two Towers” last week, and I had to know what happened, so we went to the movies on Christmas. Plus, I wanted to see Aragorn on the big screen… And one of the previews was for “Prisoner of Azkaban,” so it was a kick-ass evening.

We had a very nice Christmas, aside from the migraine Santa brought me on Christmas Eve. As soon as we got to my grandparents’ house I had to lie down with an ice pack on my forehead. Dave says I was in hiding for about two hours. I think I almost froze my left eye, but that’s OK. I’m sending a big shout out to everyone who came in to check on me, and to myself for not puking on Grandpa & Ruth’s bed.

On Christmas Day, we made our very first turkey, and it was go-od! Nothing like the one in “Christmas Vacation,” which Dave was a little worried about. Sugar Puddin’ started going nuts before it was even in the oven, which is always amusing. She got her little bit of Christmas turkey, and didn’t even puke it up like she’s been known to do when she eats meat too fast. Silly kitty!

One of the presents I got from “the cats” was Simpson’s Road Rage for the gamecube. It’s great, because you’re supposed to drive like you’re drunk! Sometimes you get a bonus if you destroy enough stuff, and they say some hi-larious things when you crash or run over people. Imagine Homer saying “I’m not a very good driver” in a low voice or shouting “I have no insurance!” or Mayor Quimby saying “You drive worse than cousin Teddy!” (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Simpsons, Quimby sounds very Kennedy-esque) We’ve been cracking ourselves up since Thursday.

That’s all for now. Buh-bye!

*BURN UPDATE* Yup, still there.

Christmas-tree crazy

December 13, 2003

Well, I got my big fat Mojo blanket the other night. And last night. And the big fat Mojo blanket’s newest thing is to lay on my back and try to get his whole face in my left ear. It’s quite tickly. His other new thing is when Dave is rubbing the Mojo belly, Mojo pets Dave’s arm and hand. I have yet to witness this, but I’m pretty sure it’ll look as odd as it sounds.

A wise woman (MB) once told me in an e-mail “Colds may suck, but Jebus doesn’t.” I whole-heartedly agreed, until Jebus almost brought the Christmas tree crashing down. She came flying into the living room, came to a stop, jumped sideways into the bottom branches of the tree – as in hitting the tree with her side – and then ran under the swaying tree. What the hell? She is such a schitz when that tree is up; she likes to chew on the branches, and I think there must be some crazy-ass chemical on them or something.

Sadly, those are pretty much the highlights of the last couple days. Oh, we did discover that we have not “lost” a friend of ours; he’s still in BG, hasn’t been shipped to Iraq or Afghanistan, thank God. That made for a good day.

Other than that, nothing. Sorry.

*BURN UPDATE* Still a pink line.

Busy weekend

December 8, 2003

Made it back from Athens alive. I probably should have mentioned that I don’t take 23 or I-270 to get there, since that whole sniper thing is going on in Columbus right now. Sorry to anyone who was worried. Anyway, we had a lovely but short visit. Ate good food, played cards and Uno Attack, made the dogs wear a fez, did some shopping.

Hung out with Papa and Pammy and puppies for a while before I trekked back home. I thought the Papa was kidnapped when we first got there, because the groceries and mail were still in his truck, but he was nowhere to be found. Ellie and the Budman were gone too, but the puppies were there – seven in the box, one escapee in the kitchen. We made our way out to the barn and found the missing ones. I felt silly, but what are you gonna do?

Those puppies are something else! When I got back from taking Jessica home, all eight of them were out and running around, causing mayhem. One kept following Buddy and nipping at his tail, which he did not enjoy; some liked my jeans and shoestrings; one got hold of a skein of yarn and shook it around until the puppy knocked itself over; one had an identity crisis and was playing with a ball of yarn; and there was much ear-pulling and tumbling all around. Luckily Dad took some video, so I can watch it again next time we’re down there.

After that, I met Jen in Marion for dinner. It was so nice to see my Henny Penny! She had to go to Meijer, and I didn’t really want to leave yet, so I went with. I actually got some Christmas shopping done.

I took Friday off from work. I wanted to feel semi-productive, so I hauled the Christmas decorations out, and I do mean hauled. They were buried in a closet, and it was damn tough to get them out. We put the tree up, but didn’t decorate it until Sunday. I was just too tired!

Saturday I went to lunch and did some more Christmas shopping with Nadia. Much fun was had. I only have a couple more things to get, and then I’m done. Woo-hoo!! When I got back from shopping, Dave and I went out to dinner. I had a headache due to sinus issues and needing to eat, so of course we got to sit right behind the screaming 2-year-old. He was literally screaming into the back of my head. I was pretty happy. After dinner we went to Meijer and got “The Wedding Singer,” went home, and watched it. I highly recommend it!

Sunday we decorated the tree, as I said before, and I headed back to work. Oh, I scooped the poop, too. Can’t forget that.

Sadly, with those four lovely days off, I did not catch up on sleep. In fact, I think I’m even more behind.

My next mission, and I have no choice but to accept it, is to finish the Christmas cards. Bleh. I love you all, but 80 cards is just too much.

*BURN UPDATE* Band-aid marks are probably visible only to me now. Burn is a lovely shiny pink line. I wonder if I should still be putting my Burn Stuff on it?

Bring the funny, but not the rude

December 1, 2003

Bleh. Just spent way too much time fighting with that stupid Web site. Things look way different in the page design program than they do on the actual site.

On the up side, I have some damn funny friends, for which I am grateful. Without them, life would truly be hell. I was going through my ooooold e-mails and found some highly amusing material from Joy, Jen and several others. Also rediscovered the e-mail version of the Reed Street quote boards, which inspired me to add the newest page to the site. I about wet myself going through some of the e-mails.

Dyed my hair Thursday while at Papa & Pammer’s house. I was so mad because it doesn’t look to me like the hair underneath got any dye, but it turns out it doesn’t matter. Apparently no one can even tell it’s been dyed!

Dave and I went out and played pool Saturday night. It was fun, until the idiot group showed up. They felt the need to stand way too close to our table, making it not so easy to make shots from that end of the table. I really wanted to ram the stick into them, but I held back. Oh, and the belching brothers were at the table next to us. When you can hear someone belch in Miss Cue’s, that’s a problem. God, I hate people. (Kurt, if you read this, don’t break into “People, people who hate people, are the luckiest people…” the next time I see you)

Finally bought some Christmas presents while I was grocery shopping after work tonight. I hate Christmas shopping. Personally, I think people should be happy if they get a swift kick in the ass, but that’s never good enough. Oh well.

*BURN UPDATE* Band-aid marks slowly fading. Worst part of burn still painful, outer parts getting better. It’s no longer red and violent-looking. Starting to get a little itchy. How long do you think I can keep this up?

Mmm pie

November 29, 2003

Mmmmm just finished a piece of apple pie from the Thanksgiving feast. I think we usually end up bringing at least half a pie home, and this year was no exception. We have to bring the apple home though, because somebody *cough*Dave*cough* doesn’t like pumpkin.

I was going to go shopping with Nadia today, but we’re pushing it back to next Saturday. Crazy pregnant lady thought she could do two days of shopping in a row! (Remember Nadia, you told me I could call you that) But that’s OK, because I need to clean the apartment. They’re coming on Tuesday to inspect our heater, and I don’t want to get kicked out for being a fire hazard or something. We have to lock the cats up while they’re here, which will be oh so pleasant.

Speaking of the cats, Mojo’s newest thing is attacking the flower arrangement next to one of the speakers in the living room. It’s been a part of the decor since we found him, but he has apparently only just noticed it. He’s such a gem.

And Sugar was up my ass today begging for turkey. We made the mistake a couple years ago of giving her a little bit of our Christmas dinner, and ever since then she begs shamelessly for whatever meat you’re eating. She even gets excited over bacon before it’s even cooked! She’s funny though. She has to lick all the salt off before she’ll eat it, and today she licked it right off the little TV tray onto the floor. She got all crazy because it fell too close to my shoe and she didn’t think she could get to it. Didn’t think of going around to the other side I guess.

*BURN UPDATE* Beckett’s bartender’s band-aid took more skin. No more band-aids for me. Burn is still nice and red, with a lovely scab. Dave made me get something to put on it, so I got something called “Burn Stuff.” They also make “Cut Stuff.” The box says “Because burns aren’t cuts and cuts aren’t burns…” Marketing genius, I tell you. The box should also say “WARNING: Our ‘Stuff’ smells like ass.”