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Anger, I has it

March 29, 2008

I’ve stayed away longer than I wanted to, mainly because I’ve been so, so angry since the funeral. It’s not going away, and I’ve had additional anger added to my tightly-wound emotional state, so I guess I’ll just have to power through, the Michael Bluth way.

Things that royally pissed me off relating to my grandpa’s death:

— Someone getting upset whenever my grandma was mentioned (you know, his wife of 44 years, mother of his children, who isn’t around because she died not because they divorced)

— Someone bitching because all she could eat from the City Barbecue dinner between visitations was macaroni and cheese because she’s a vegetarian (guess you’d better learn to start thinking ahead, huh?)

— Someone listening to his mp3 player/iPod/whatever during the second visitation (I wanted to punch him)

— Someone carrying on before the funeral like it was her father or husband who had died (seriously, it was appalling)

There are several other things, but you get the gist.

The more recent anger-inducing events are best not talked about, but they made me feel the need to get wasted last night, which I did and which I am now paying for. Did you know you can’t drink like you’re 21 when you’re 30? I did, but that sure didn’t stop me.

We went up to my friend Jason’s house and played some euchre, and I did a lo-ot of drinking. Apple martini at dinner, wine coolers and sour apple pucker during the cards. I had a lot of fun, because I just adore hanging out with with Jason, and Dave and I rarely get to play cards. Today though, I’m really wishing I hadn’t had that last wine cooler.

In other news, I have a new crush: Jim Halpert from “The Office.” Dave is lucky Jim’s not a real person. If he were real, I’d be on the road to Scranton, Pa. right now. Also? I might consider letting John Krasinski be my boyfriend.

Yeah, we just watched the season two finale on Thursday, and I’m anxiously waiting for Dave to get home from a bachelor party so we can start watching season three. I finally get this post from MB, and like some of the people who commented on that post, I have been watching the end of the episode over and over. *sigh* So sweet. I love him.


It’s not you

February 23, 2008

If I’m supposed to call you in the next few days and don’t, or if I dont’ reply to e-mails or messages right away, it’s not because I’m mad at you. My grandpa died earlier tonight, and I’ll probably be generally unavailable for a little while.

Sad news

May 9, 2006

April was a sucky month, so I’m glad it’s over. Dave’s best friend, Ed, died on April 21. We went out to PA for the services, and Dave was a pallbearer, and it all just sucked. Ed was a super nice guy and should have been around for a lot longer than 39 years.

Thinking back

February 9, 2006

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I’ve pretty much had only one thing on my mind for, well, not quite a month. A girl I graduated from high school with, Christina (Fricke) Irvin, was in a very bad car accident on Jan. 12, and she died on Jan. 27.

We weren’t in touch anymore, but we were friends in middle and high school, so it’s just so weird to think that she’s gone. Especially since I saw her and Brett at the reunion in August. My brain just doesn’t want to fully get it.

But I don’t want to sit here and get upset. Thinking about Chris prompted me to haul out the photo albums, and I was happy to find that I have more photos of her, and several of my old friends, than I realized. And even though seeing the photos made me a little sad, it also made me happy to think waaaaaaaaaay back to our days at Olentangy High School and the fun that was had.

A truly sucky week

July 11, 2005

A friend of the family, a guy I’ve known for as long as I can remember, has been missing since sometime the night of July 3/morning of July 4. No one’s heard from him, his credit cards haven’t been used, his car hasn’t turned up, nothing. This has been the main topic of conversation for the last several days whenever I talk to my parents, and they’ve been going to his parents’ house the last few days. It’s very strange to even be on the fringe of this kind of situation; I say fringe because although our parents have been friends since long before I was born, we didn’t hang out in school. Anyway, if you happen to be reading this from the Columbus or Powell area, please keep an eye out.

To add to the rottenness of the week, Kim called Sunday morning to tell us that Charles’ brother died in his sleep sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning. I feel really horrible for Charles all around, obviously, but also because his birthday was also Saturday and that’s a really shitty thing to have to think of on his birthday for the rest of his life.

I really hope the rule of three doesn’t apply here.

Dieting grouch

March 30, 2005

OK, the serious dieting must begin, and the reason is threefold (as was the purpose of Chandler being in the box on Thanksgiving on “Friends,” but I digress).
1. My 10-year high school reunion is this summer. I’d like to look really good, but I’ll settle for decent.
2. We’re going on vacation to the Outer Banks with my in-laws in June. See second sentence of No. 1.
3. I’m just tired of being fat and depressed.

In other news, I think I’m getting sick. I’m pretty sure I’m going to wake up with a full-blown cold, which makes me very unhappy. I keep hoping maybe it’s just my sinuses since it was so nice and warm today after the evilness and cold, but I think it’s just a pipe dream.

In news not related to me whatsoever, Johnny Cochran died, so he is now burning in hell for repeatedly getting murderers and other bad seeds acquitted.

And speaking of people going to hell, I hear Jerry Falwell’s in the hospital again. They say he’s clinically stable but critically ill, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

A new year

January 22, 2005

Happy 2005, everyone! So much to tell, so little desire to type, but here goes.

Went to Pennsylvania for Christmas, and had a nice visit with the in-laws. Had to leave a day late because of the huge-ass snowstorm the day before we were supposed to leave. The roads were just fine all the way out though, so it turned out OK. Got to see pretty much everyone, bonded a little with my sister-in-law which I really enjoyed, and had an all around good time.

Spent New Year’s Eve with the Stephensons. They made dinner, we took bread dip and games. We ate, drank, played Beyond Balderdash, gorged ourselves on bread dip, drank, and played euchre, all while watching Sci-Fi channel’s Twilight Zone marathon (most of which is our New Year’s tradition – Beyond Balderdash was a new addition). Again, an all around good time.

New Year’s Day – not such a good time. I woke up around noon and thought it was a little chilly downstairs so I turned up the heat. Then I actually looked at the temperature, which was around 60 degrees, and said to myself, “Oh shit.” When the furnace fan refused to kick on after I cranked the thermostat up to like 90, I said to myself, “Oh SHIT!” Then I woke Dave up, and we made lots of phone calls and eventually the furnace go fixed on Wednesday. Yes, Wednesday. That’s about 4 1/2 days without heat. Luckily New Year’s Day wasn’t too cold, and we found our space heater and borrowed a space heater from one of my co-workers. We were able to get the downstairs up to almost 70 each night before we went to bed, and it usually only dropped down to about 60 during the night.

So that takes us up to Jan. 5. On Jan. 7 we found out that Dave’s grandpa, my mother-in-law’s father, had passed away that morning, so we went back out to PA the next Tuesday night for the funeral Wednesday morning in N.J. After sleeping from about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday to about 9:30 a.m. Thursday, we went back to N.J. to see Dave’s grandma, who had been pretty much in a coma for a few months and had Alzheimer’s. She passed away Friday afternoon around 4, which we were there for, having never gone back to my in-laws’ house from the Thursday visit. We left Saturday afternoon and got back Saturday night. It was a pretty rough week, but Dave seems to be doing OK now.

So that pretty much brings us to now. We started doing Weight Watchers, which we didn’t follow while we were in PA/NJ, but we’re back on it. As of right now I’ve lost about five pounds, which isn’t much but it’s encouraging. We were going to go to my parents’ house today to celebrate my mom’s birthday, but since it’s snowing and is supposed to snow a whole big crappy bunch, we pushed it back to next weekend. Maybe I’ll actually be productive today and clean the house and shit, but I kind of doubt it.

I was going to end this with a nasty comment about this being the Roe v. Wade anniversary, but I think all I’m going to say is go thank your mother for giving you life.