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It’s official!

June 15, 2006

Dave successfully defended his dissertation this morning! Woo-hoo! Time to start planning the par-tay!

Holy shitballs!*

June 7, 2006

Group shot
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*used with permission from Nadia

That was Nadia’s reaction when I told her that Dave had finished his dissertation, and I think it sums up what everyone else probably thought. So yeah, it’s done, and he defends it on June 15. Then, assuming that no one has shit in their oatmeal that morning and takes it out on Dave and doesn’t pass him, he’ll graduate in August. And no, I don’t have to call him Dr. Haus after that, but the rest of you do.

In other news, we married off Dave’s sister, Amy, over Memorial Day weekend. It was a fucking hot day — OK, let’s be honest, the whole week we were there was a fucking hot week — but the wedding was nice and everyone had a good time. Pictures from the reception (and, finally, from Carmen’s party) are up at Flickr.

Actually, I should say both weddings were nice. Yes, both weddings. One in the Catholic church on Saturday and one at the horticultural center in Philadelphia on Sunday. Long story short: priest not allowed to do a wedding at the center per the diocese, they “had” to get married in the church, ergo two weddings.

Which is why I say Catholics, they are crazy. Sure, I married one. Some of my best friends are Catholic. But that religion is full of a whole lot of crap.

Moving on, we went to wedding in *gasp* Michigan over the weekend. Dave’s friend Matt got married, and there are a few (blurry) picture from that one, too.

Gots to go refill my coffe cup, so I’m outta here.