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Heavy breathing

April 21, 2007

More duffel cat
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Dani H..

Do you see the sweet little Baby Cat to the right? That little brat gave us a scare earlier tonight, as she’s been known to do.

While Dave & I were eating dinner, there was a ruckus in the office (Cause: Fat Mojo attack). We went in and broke it up, shooed everyone out.

So later, I’m in the office surfing the Net, and I hear something scratching at the window, akin to nails on a chalkboard. I’m thinking the possum is back and wants in. I pull the curtain aside just as Sugar Puddin’ leaps against the window again FROM THE OUTSIDE. As in trying to GET BACK INSIDE.

I calmly went to the living room and told Dave that she was out there – how the fuck did she get out there? – but not to come out with me while I tried to get her because she’d really freak out if we both were trying to get her.

Well, I saw her at the end of the house and she mewed at me, but would not come to me. I tried to find her, but it was way too dark, so I had Dave get me a flashlight. That’s when he told me that the cats had knocked the screen out of the window – ah, that’s how.

Well, I found her huddled by the backyard fence, and she yowled at me, but I knew she wouldn’t come to me, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Then I saw Dave in the office window, which he opened. I told him to stand back ’cause she’d be flying in any second, and sure enough she did.

I don’t know if she fell out, or just thought she’d go on a little adventure, and I guess it doesn’t really matter but DAMN.

Some of her other panic-inducing moments include her getting away when I tried to take her outside on a leash when I lived on MAIN STREET in Bowling Green because I am stupid, her dashing outside to chase a cat when I tried to throw water on it, and her hiding in a suitcase on moving day making us think she’d gotten out while our mattress was being taken to the van. I knew from the first two incidents that no way would I get close to her tonight since I almost had to tackle her those times to get hold of her.

But, everyone is safe and sound, and all screenless windows are closed for the night.

Up on the roof

May 3, 2005

OK, here’s the Sugar Puddin’ story, as promised.

I was outside with the dog when I heard someone say, “Oh my god no! Get back here!” Rusty ran to the side of the house, so I thought it was the boy with the dog that runs loose, being scared because I’ve threatened to call the dog warden the next time that dog gets anywhere near Rusty. I went to the side of the house, no boy, no dog. I realized it was Dave that had said it, and that he was upstairs.

Then Dave says, “Dani! Sugar’s on the roof!” Well, that’s not a good thing! Luckily though, it’s a flat roof so she didn’t go skidding down anywhere. I backed up into the yard so that I could see the window where Dave was, and I see Sugar scrambling to get back in the window. She couldn’t get a foothold, so Dave pulled her back in.

Turns out, Dave was upstairs working and had the window open. Sugar is a big fan of sitting in open windows. She’s also a big fan of standing on her back legs to reach things between the window and the screen. There was a little hole in the screen, so we figure she was stretching up to play with the torn part, leaned too hard on the screen and fell out.

Dave said she was darting back and forth on the roof, looking over the side, trying to figure out what to do. Apparently she decided that even though she’s a very good jumper, she’s not good enough to make it through that landing.

I’m sure this story would have been much more amusing had I told it when it happened, as it was fresher, but that’s life. Between being grouchy and not feeling like getting online and Dave hogging the computer when I do feel like blogging … well, obviously, not a lot of posts. I’ll try to do better, I promise!