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July 11, 2008

Wednesday was my birthday, and as I do most years, I spent it at work. But that’s OK. I got applause when I got there. Sure, it was only because I brought dump cake (which sounds disgusting, but it isn’t) but still, applause. That doesn’t happen very often. And Oh My God you should see the birthday card my friend Jason made for me. He put Hugh Laurie’s face on one of those beefcake cowboy cards, and I giggle and blush every time I think about it. Jason = awesome.

On Tuesday a semi took out the power at work for about an hour and a half. So I called Jeff and got to talk to him for exactly 33 minutes. Then we all hung out on the front steps like preppy hoodlums until the power and our computer system was given the all-clear.

Thursday we finally, finally got our cable & Tivo taken care of. The cable company had taken our digital tier off our service and it only took a week and a half for them to figure out what the problem was. Genius. Too bad I missed both chances to record the movie I wanted to record. Asshats.

So, really not too bad of a week, except for missing that movie.

NW Ohio, you suck

July 6, 2008

Actually, I quite like northwest Ohio. But sometimes it can really piss a girl off. I’d put it on notice, but then we’d probably get another week of rain.

About a week and a half ago, I decided that I needed the June/July issue of “Interview” magazine, possibly for the Hugh Laurie interview, but I won’t confirm either way. I called all over town, called some stores in Toledo, and they all claimed to not have the damn thing. So after cursing them all, I ordered it off Amazon for way too much money. I finally got it Thursday, and rejoiced.

I’m just amazed that this magazine is nowhere to be found around here (allegedly). Well, except for the one from 2003 that one of the stores had. Or was it 2005? Either way, not what I was looking for.

I’ll tell you what though, any freaking homemaker rag you could possibly want can be found here.

So, then I got it into my head that I absolutely needed to see “Sense and Sensibility.” I called Best Buy, and got no answer, so I called again and got someone on the phone. I said, “I was wondering if you have ‘Sense and Sensibility.'”

He said, “Are those comedies?”

And I said, “Ah, NO, I don’t think so.” I’m not sure if I managed to mask my disgust or not.

He claimed to check and then told me, “We don’t have either of those.”

I really wanted to say, “Are you sure, cause it’s just one movie and I don’t think you really understand what you’re looking for.” Instead I just thanked him and hung up.

Then after talking to Kim, I decided to call back and double check, and wouldn’t you know, I got the same genius. I told him I just wanted to make sure that he understood what I’d been looking for, that “Sense and Sensibility” is just ONE movie, and he said that he knew that, but didn’t see anything like that when he looked. I should have asked how exactly he looked for it, but again I just hung up.

Is it just me? Is it really not that big a deal that people don’t know this movie? I also wanted to ask the guy if he’d ever heard of “Pride and Prejudice” and then “Dumb and Dumber” and see which he was familiar with. I was just too befuddled to go into bitch mode.

So again I ask, is it just me?