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Migraine Christmas

December 28, 2003

Just read MB’s blog, and I’m so glad to know I’m not a freak, because I too cried while watching “Return of the King.” There were a few parts that got me, but I think the main one was when…oh, maybe I shouldn’t say, in case people haven’t seen it yet. I’ll just say it’s toward the end and involves Frodo. I haven’t read the books, so I had no idea what was going to happen. We rented “Fellowship of the Ring” and “Two Towers” last week, and I had to know what happened, so we went to the movies on Christmas. Plus, I wanted to see Aragorn on the big screen… And one of the previews was for “Prisoner of Azkaban,” so it was a kick-ass evening.

We had a very nice Christmas, aside from the migraine Santa brought me on Christmas Eve. As soon as we got to my grandparents’ house I had to lie down with an ice pack on my forehead. Dave says I was in hiding for about two hours. I think I almost froze my left eye, but that’s OK. I’m sending a big shout out to everyone who came in to check on me, and to myself for not puking on Grandpa & Ruth’s bed.

On Christmas Day, we made our very first turkey, and it was go-od! Nothing like the one in “Christmas Vacation,” which Dave was a little worried about. Sugar Puddin’ started going nuts before it was even in the oven, which is always amusing. She got her little bit of Christmas turkey, and didn’t even puke it up like she’s been known to do when she eats meat too fast. Silly kitty!

One of the presents I got from “the cats” was Simpson’s Road Rage for the gamecube. It’s great, because you’re supposed to drive like you’re drunk! Sometimes you get a bonus if you destroy enough stuff, and they say some hi-larious things when you crash or run over people. Imagine Homer saying “I’m not a very good driver” in a low voice or shouting “I have no insurance!” or Mayor Quimby saying “You drive worse than cousin Teddy!” (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Simpsons, Quimby sounds very Kennedy-esque) We’ve been cracking ourselves up since Thursday.

That’s all for now. Buh-bye!

*BURN UPDATE* Yup, still there.


Why don’t I just bend over?

December 20, 2003

Look out mom, there’s bad words in this one…

Damn baby, whad-joo do to yo hair? (a la seance scene in “Ghost”) I ripped it out in chunks ’cause this week frigging sucked! I don’t even know where to start; I should have blogged more this week. Guess I suck too. Anyway, we’ll start with Tuesday. Took the car to the dealer (big mistake) to get the heater fixed and see about getting the windows (I just typed winders in case you were wondering…random redneckness) fixed because the front two are screwed. Driver’s side will go up and down, but there’s a funny grinding noise once it gets to a certain point, and when I close the door something inside the door bangs. Passenger’s side will go down but not up. Fast-forward to Wednesday, when they tell us it will be almost $1,000 to fix everything. Buh-bye. Just fix the heater, you money-sucking whores. Thanks. Pick up the car Thursday, the passenger side window (dammit, did it again!) is not closed all the way so there’s a lovely whistling as I’m driving and I HATE that. They’ve shoved some cardboard in at the bottom of the window, presumably to keep it from sliding open, but it didn’t work. It moved, and now there’s a little gap letting all the snow in. I will be taking the car back to the dealer and demanding that they at least return the window to the position it was in when I first took the car in. Mr. Findlay Ford/Lincoln/Mercury fat cat better hope I don’t ever run into him.

So I get home from the dealer, watch some soaps, try to get hold of someone at the Western Reserve museum (I was going to do a story on a nifty exhibit there), then prepare to head to the mall to get a wedding gift for a friend of Dave’s. I was also going to get a dress for the wedding, because I got my Christmas bonus Wednesday. I call the happy bank 800 number to check the balance on the checking account, and learned that I really fucked up. We had less than $150 in our account – after my paycheck was deposited, which was almost $600 – and we had four insufficient funds charges of almost $30 each. I was in total shock! I’ve never done anything like that before, and I still can’t figure out how it happened. So then I freaked out and curled up in bed and cried for about an hour. Freaked Dave out when he got home. I felt and still feel like an ass, but sometimes when you start a cry-fest, you start thinking about other things and cry more and you just can’t stop.

Luckily Dave got paid Friday, so it’s all OK now.

On a lighter note, another dilemma this week was what do you get a millionaire for a wedding gift? He doesn’t need your money or a gift card, and anything they need he can buy. I trudged through the mall Friday, and found the holiday kiosk of an area family-owned gift basket business, and they made up a basket with a wedding time capsule. I think it’s pretty nifty myself. My parents got us one of those when we got married, and it was fun to put stuff in there. Trouble is, we’re not going to the wedding now ’cause it’s today in Cleveland, and we’re afraid a big ol’ lake-effect storm might blow in. It’s a little snowy here in O-hi-o. So no wedding, and no museum trip, so no fun staff-written travel story for next week’s paper. Thank god for the Associated Press.

I’m thinking after a fun-filled day of cleaning we may rent the first “Lord of the Rings” movie. They seem interesting, and everyone seems to be crazy about them, so I think I’ll give it a shot.

A nice thing happened this week though. I found out that I amuse at least one person other than my friends and family, who have to at least pretend I amuse them. The good RevSpork discovered this here ass, and linked it on his page! Woo-hoo! I’m going to have to return the favor, whenever I get around to making changes on my page.

*BURN UPDATE* General consensus in the Haus-hold says that bitch is gonna scar. I can’t believe I’m so estupido!