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Bring the funny, but not the rude

December 1, 2003

Bleh. Just spent way too much time fighting with that stupid Web site. Things look way different in the page design program than they do on the actual site.

On the up side, I have some damn funny friends, for which I am grateful. Without them, life would truly be hell. I was going through my ooooold e-mails and found some highly amusing material from Joy, Jen and several others. Also rediscovered the e-mail version of the Reed Street quote boards, which inspired me to add the newest page to the site. I about wet myself going through some of the e-mails.

Dyed my hair Thursday while at Papa & Pammer’s house. I was so mad because it doesn’t look to me like the hair underneath got any dye, but it turns out it doesn’t matter. Apparently no one can even tell it’s been dyed!

Dave and I went out and played pool Saturday night. It was fun, until the idiot group showed up. They felt the need to stand way too close to our table, making it not so easy to make shots from that end of the table. I really wanted to ram the stick into them, but I held back. Oh, and the belching brothers were at the table next to us. When you can hear someone belch in Miss Cue’s, that’s a problem. God, I hate people. (Kurt, if you read this, don’t break into “People, people who hate people, are the luckiest people…” the next time I see you)

Finally bought some Christmas presents while I was grocery shopping after work tonight. I hate Christmas shopping. Personally, I think people should be happy if they get a swift kick in the ass, but that’s never good enough. Oh well.

*BURN UPDATE* Band-aid marks slowly fading. Worst part of burn still painful, outer parts getting better. It’s no longer red and violent-looking. Starting to get a little itchy. How long do you think I can keep this up?


Out with the guys

November 26, 2003

Heading down to Papa & Pammer’s sometime today. Gotta finish making part of Kim’s birthday present yet, and shower. Good thing I didn’t have a hangover when I got up today, or we might have never made it down there.

Went out with a couple of Dave’s friends last night, something I rarely get to do since I have to work on Tuesdays – they play pool on Tuesday nights. There’s a new place in Bowling Green called Beckett’s, where SamB’s used to be. A huge improvement on the property, if you ask me.

Had a tremendous time, but lost count on the drinks. But that’s OK, because I had a lot of fun. I love pool, but I don’t get to play very often, and I suck big time, but that’s OK too.

Well, back to the birthday project.

*BURN UPDATE* Band-aid mark almost gone, but burn is still nasty. Managed to scrape it last night while pulling up my sleeve, requiring me to beg a band-aid from the bartender. It hurts.