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Lazy days

October 23, 2004

Vacations are nice, even if all you do is laze around the house. I took Wednesday and Friday off (I have Thursdays and Saturdays off), and to be quite honest, I haven’t done a whole hell of a lot. I’ve worked on Dave’s Halloween costume, drunk (drank?) a lot of coffee, played mosh pit with the dog, and kicked the computer’s ass at a Scrabble-esque game. It’s fun to be lazy! And for now, I can thread my sewing machine and refill a bobbin without looking at the owner’s manual – now that’s progress!

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of the big flowy robe for Dave’s costume, but the pants are a disappointment. In the picture on the pattern envelope, it shows a guy in this tunic/pants ensemble, a la Star Wars or something, and the pants look normal. On Dave’s pants, however, the crotch is at the knees. Explain this to me! I cut out the pieces following the pattern, I followed all the directions, and I now have pants for someone with legs a foot long and a torso that’s like three feet long. WTF?? I’m dreading starting the tunic tomorrow, because who knows what that’ll end up looking like.

Mom was telling me funny stories about her work today, and one of them required her to say a naughty word! Well, I think it’s a naughty word some kid made up (have you ever called someone a fuckwad?), but that actually made it even funnier! Pammy doesn’t cuss the way, say, I do, so it makes me giggle when she does.

Yeah, I’ve got problems. But I’m on vacation for one more day, so who cares?

*BURN UPDATE* It wants to surf the Net.

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Effing velvet

October 15, 2004

Oh, good god, the next time someone hears me say I’m going to make something out of velvet, shake me and remind me of Dave’s Halloween costume, OK? It’s almost done, thanks to phone help from the Pammer, but it has been a BITCH! As Dave likes to say about things, it’s been at least a 100 effer (as in f—er) project. Now all I have to do is hem the robe, and that part is done. Then the hat, and then I can move on to nice smooth silk (or silk-wannabe, I’m not sure). Probably not easy either, but at least it won’t be velvet. But the robe looks pretty kick-ass, and quite Dumbledore-esque, so I’m happy.

I have such the love-hate relationship with sewing. I get severely pissed off while sewing, but I keep going because I’m usually pretty proud of the finished product. And non-sewers are always so impressed, even with crap work, so that’s nice too.

When everything is finished, I’ll make Dave model and post some pictures on the site. I think I’ll also post pictures of some of my other crafty accomplishments, like my jewelry that I’m so proud of and my cute bathroom accessories, and who knows what else. I’ve become a bit crafty in the past couple of years. I just don’t have enough time to do much. >:o

Well, I’m going to go doctor some pics for my fez page. If you wind up on there and don’t like it I guess I’ll take it down, but I’ll probably call you a crybaby first.

*BURN UPDATE* It wants to kill the sewing machine.

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September 29, 2004

It’s rare these days that the computer’s free when I get home from work. Dave’s teaching online classes now, so he spends a lot of time on this here machine. It just doesn’t seem right to say “Hey, stop doing work so I can mess around online,” ya know?

Lots of stuff has gone on since my last post, not much of it very interesting. Most of it’s just the little kinds of things that’s of no interest to anyone but me, and maybe Dave.

Well, Dave and I celebrated our third anniversary. That was more interesting than most things. We were married Sept. 8, 2001. That’s right! We were in Canada on a mini-honeymoon on Sept. 11. I was going to write about that on Sept. 11 this year, but I just really didn’t feel like it. Maybe next year. On a happy note, Dave got me (us) surround sound for our anniversary, and it’s pretty damn cool. Three little speakers on the front wall, one big speaker by the entertainment center, and two little speakers behind the couch. It’s crazy to hear the little sounds you’ve never noticed before when you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie.

We took my co-worker Kurt and his twin girls fishing at my parents’ house a couple weeks ago. Good times were had by all. I actually did some fishing, which I haven’t done in several years. I was impressed that I can still cast, but I lost one on Dave’s pole ’cause I pulled a little too hard and the line snapped. Oh well.

Rusty has the fleas, so he got a bath last week, and all three animals got a Frontline treatment yesterday. They were not impressed, and Rusty did a bit of peeing in the living room and kitchen. He tends to get scared when both of us come at him, can’t imagine why. Just because it usually means bathtime or trouble…

I took a bracelet-making class with Joy a few weeks ago, and I’m quite proud of the results. I tried to take a picture of it to put on the Web site, but it’s a bit blurry. We’ll see how it looks. Joy and I are taking an earring-making class next week, and then we’re gonna head to Hobby Lobby and go bead crazy. Woo-hoo!

I’ve been in a semi-crafty mood lately. I finished curtains for one living room window (except for the ties) on Sunday, and I’m hoping to start work on the ones for the other living room window on Thursday before our new weekly pool date with Dave’s friends. I’m also really in the mood to do that Barbie doll dress thing again (can I say again if I really only ever made one practice dress?). And as far as I know, I’m making Dave’s Dumbledore costume this year in hopes that we get happy little trick-or-treaters now that we live in a house. So much to make, so little time.

Well, I want to go mess around with my site now, so nighty-night!

*BURN UPDATE* It’s looking forward to fall/winter when I go back to being pasty white so it will show up better.

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What day is it?

January 4, 2004

As nice as it’s been to have an extra day off the last two weeks, there is one good thing about the holidays being over…I may actually know what day it is at some point in the coming week. I’m not making any promises, but it could happen.

I am currently reading “Lord of the Rings” and I must say, it’s pretty damn good. So far the movie seems to have stuck to the book for the most part, but Scott says that will change. That’s OK though. Not everything in a book works on film.

I’m trying to get myself psyched up again to try my hand at making the Barbie doll dresses. I’m going to have to go wander through eBay again and tell myself, “You could do so much better!” Then I’ll sell my stuff on eBay and get some extra money to buy the Arwen & Aragorn Barbie gift set. Or I could make sure Dave orders it now for my birthday, and use that extra money for some other frivolous thing. We’ll see…it all depends on if I actually get motivated!

I have some other crafty ideas, but I’m keeping them to myself until I do something about it…so you may never hear of this again!

*BURN UPDATE* Pink line is still there. It may be my imagination, or poor lighting, but it looks slightly fainter.