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Newest purple heels

September 27, 2008

Newest purple heels

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I really had been hoping to announce that all of my California travel plans are settled. However, I’m still figuring out the car rentals, so all you get are posts about shoes. Maybe later today I’ll be able to pop back in with an update on the travel arrangements.

Anyway, I bought these, um, the day before I bought the black heels in the previous post. I was on a boot quest that day too, which of course failed. Then I saw these and had to have them.

That’s all I have. Sorry.

New shoes

September 27, 2008

Black heels

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Went looking for boots and cute black heels last weekend. The boot quest was a bust — my calves are too fat in proportion to my tiny little feet. I couldn’t even zip most of them all the way. How ridiculous!

But I did find these black heels, so all was not lost.

New outfit

July 24, 2008

New outfit

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Just a quickie to say I found a skirt to wear with my yummy shoes! I’ll be taking it all with me when we head for Virginia tomorrow for Dave’s cousin’s wedding. Yay!

Oh, and sorry about the flash, but Dave’s not here to take pictures right now. Don’t worry, all you’re missing is the cleavage.

This bi-polar post brought to you by Crazytown

October 17, 2006

So many things bouncing around in my head, and instead of choosing one, I’m going to cram a few in here. I think we’ll get the bitchiness and nastiness over with first.

It’s very enjoyable to call up a friend to check up on them and have them call you a whore and hang up on you. I really wish my friends would do that more often, especially when I’m doing everything I can to help them out. Whatever. I’ve done my best, and maybe someday they’ll fucking figure that out.

Next up: The people who send you forwards about politics, religion, immigrants, gay people, all kinds of stuff without bothering to stop and think about how offended you may be by these e-mails. People, if you aren’t 100% sure what someone thinks about certain topics, don’t send that crap. Not everyone thinks all immigrants should get the hell out, not everyone thinks that giving gay people THE SAME RIGHTS that straight people have will make the world implode, not everyone wants to get that sappy drivel about the notecards filed in heaven, not everyone thinks that all Muslims are evil. Seriously, WTF?

On a more cheerful note, Tasha and Jeff were in town over the weekend for BGSU’s homecoming, and I got to spend most of my Saturday with them. So much fun! I didn’t make it up there in time to go to the BGNews tent, but that’s OK. Maybe next year. Anyway, the three of us had dinner at Easy Street and then Jeff & I went to Beckett’s to shoot pool while Tasha went back to the hotel to take a nap, leaving us without a car.

Not too far into things I took a step back away from the table after a shot and the heel on my left shoe broke. That sucks, of course, but the thing that really pissed me off was that I had bought the shoes less than three hours before! Luckily Dave was up that way watching football, so I called him and he came and took us to the mall so I could buy yet another pair of shoes. Then he dropped us back off at Beckett’s, and we waited for Tasha.

When Tasha got there we played some more pool, then we went to Downtown, which was a mistake because there were waaaaaaaaaay too many people there. We did run into our friend Bailey, but we still left after one drink and went to BW3 to eat again. Then we hung out in their hotel room for a little while, and I headed home. I know it doesn’t sound too exciting, but we laughed a lot and got to catch up, so it was a good time.

Oh, and Sunday I took the evil broken shoes back and they let me exchange them. I was going to get a different style, but I really liked the ones that broke, so I went with those again. I’ll just have to walk verrrrrrrry carefully and not take any steps backwards I guess.

Well, I must go vacuum up the pet dander and spray things down with allergen-reducing Febreze for allergy man, so I’m outta here.

The new shoes

November 25, 2003

Have you seen my new shoes? They’re not made out of wood! (A little shout out to the Pammer on that one)

I noticed Sunday night at work that I had a hole inside my shoe. Not in the shoe, like you could see it, but in the sole inside the shoe. I was quite distraught. Not just because I really like those shoes, but because I just bought a new pair of shoes like a month ago. As most of you know, I’m not a big fan of spending the money. Don’t do shopping sprees, try not to buy too many needless things.

It all started when I went to find my tennis shoes. Summer is over, and I can’t run around in my Hirachis anymore. So I dug them out of the closet, and discovered some web-looking things in them. Sounds bad, I know, but I haven’t worn them in months! Well, I was afraid that spiders were living in them, so I decided to go buy some new tennis shoes.

Then it hit me. I don’t think I’ve ever bought my own tennis shoes. I may be wrong, I may be forgetting a pair somewhere along the line, but I don’t think I am. And chances are if I have bought a pair, the money, in reality, came from mom & dad. So not only have I not had a new pair of tennis shoes in like 10 years, (real tennis shoes, not cheap-ass Keds wannabes), I’ve never bought them with my very own hard-earned money. WTF?

But hey, I love those shoes! My comfy black sambas with the three white stripes. I had no reason to buy tennis shoes until now. They probably have another 10 years in them, but there’s that possible spider thing…

Anyway, off to the mall I went, knowing exactly what I wanted. Shoes just like the old ones, only blue! Just one problem. They don’t exist! I don’t know what I was thinking. After 10 years they’re going to have the exact same little soccer-type shoes on the market? Yeah, right. I may not like change, but the rest of the world sure does. I was not happy.

The other thing that ticked me off was that I was apparently invisible to sales people. I went in three stores, didn’t even get a hello. One of the stores I was in, a manly athletic-type place, was truly terrible. I walked the perimeter of the store twice, picked shoes up, went back and forth between a few pairs, and nothing. I was pissed! I wanted to tell them that round people wear tennis shoes too, but instead I glared at them and left.

As I passed a fourth store, I saw my new shoes. Not just like my old ones, but pretty damn close. But I vowed that if I was ignored, there would be no new shoes. Luckily, the girl working said hello as soon as I stepped in. I said hello, and that I was going to buy shoes from her because she was the only one to acknowledge me all day. She probably thought I was nuts, but who cares?

So I got my new blue shoes (had to special order them, no shoes small enough at the store) and they arrived in the mail a week later. I was so excited I had to show everyone at work. Pathetic, yes, but it’s a milestone … or something.

My second pair of new shoes, not such a big deal. Just some lovely leather loafer-type things. I like them, but I’ve bought work shoes before, so no milestones there.

*BURN UPDATE* Now more red and violent-looking, with a nice little scab where I gouged it. The band-aid mark is fainter, but still visible.