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Sucky Thursday

February 9, 2004

I would like to apologize to Meijer for saying mean things about them. They still make their lotion tissues, and I stocked up last week.

Now, anybody who had a suck-ass Thursday raise your hand (or just a finger if it was really bad). We had a really bad Thursday, so I am currently flipping that day the bird. It started when I got home from work and saw Fat Mojo sprawled out on his back, presenting the belly. In and of itself, that’s not a bad thing; it was the bare patch around his little Mojo nipple with the mole-like spots that was bad. We poked and prodded the belly, trying to feel if these spots were raised and trying to decide whether we should be worried. We decided they weren’t really raised and that maybe we should worry a little.

So, after three hours of sleep, I got up and called Dr. Jones (the veterinarian, not the archaeologist) and got an appointment for 9:30 that morning. Took the fat cat up to Bowling Green, and Dr. Jones decided to do a biopsy just to be safe. I left the fat cat with the doctor, promising said fat cat that I would be back to get him that night. When I got home I was going to try and nap, but that didn’t really happen. I think I dozed off and on for about an hour.

I was supposed to pick Mojo up between 7:30-8:30 p.m., and Dave gets home at 8, so I was going to leave a bit before 7 so we’d get home around the same time. Well, Dave got home at 6, and when I said “What the hell are you doing home?” he said “I just got in a car accident.”

Nobody got hurt, don’t worry, but the front of the car is smushed in a bit. I don’t feel like getting into all the details, but we’ll just say it involved an old lady who kept slowing down in the left lane and the guy behind her (not Dave) who was riding her ass and was just shy of a DUI.

So, about an hour later, after Dave had calmed down, we headed out for BG. It had started snowing at some point, and the interstate was a mess. We finally made it to Dr. Jones’, got Fat Mojo, wrote out a big-ass check, and headed home. The interstate was even worse, so I wasn’t going too fast. We got about halfway home, maybe 2/3 of the way there, and I saw a knot of traffic up ahead, so I started slowing down.

One car went flying by me on the left, and then a second car went flying by. As they got up to the little knot of traffic, the second driver realized that the first driver wasn’t going as fast as him, so he slammed on his brakes. On the icy road. Do you see where I’m going with this?

As soon as I saw those brake lights, I said to Dave “Oh shit, this is gonna be bad!” Car 2 swung to the left, then swung to the right, into my lane, in front of a semi so I couldn’t see what was going on. Then it swung back into the left lane, fishtailed a couple of times, and then slid into the median. I cannot express to you how scared I was.

We made it down the interstate – seeing a semi upright but jackknifed on the side of the road and a car in a deep ditch (well, not really seeing the car, just the headlights pointing up and towards us) – with no other near misses.

When we got home we discovered that Fat Mojo was still messed up from the anesthetic, which is funny now but was disturbing at the time. He didn’t have total control of his back legs, so he was kind of stumbling all over. It was like he didn’t know where he was. Dave had to help Mojo into the litter box, and at one point Mojo wandered into the bathroom and just stood there in the doorway. Mojo also managed to get behind the entertainment center and the washer and dryer. He seemed to want to eat, but I didn’t know if it would make him sick, so I was all worried about that.

We may get the biopsy results as soon as Monday, but most likely Tuesday, so I’ll keep you posted.

I know it probably doesn’t sound like Thursday was that awful, but it was. It just was.

On a completely different topic, I just want to say that as much as the governor sucks ass, Ohio is still a good state. There are several issues knocking around in my brain – state-oriented and otherwise – but I just don’t feel like getting political right now. Sorry.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s trying to recruit the scar on my left ring finger.

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Good thing I’ve got insurance

February 4, 2004

All is right with the world. My Harry Potter Goblet of Fire & Order of the Phoenix (GoF & OotP for those of you as obsessed as I am) have been returned. I loaned them to a lady in the rental office months ago and finally asked after them yesterday. I’m seriously going to have to rethink my borrowing system, or start charging fines like the library. But anyway, I can get started on OotP for the third (or is it fourth) time and get back to hunting for clues. I’m pathetic.

It’s a damn good thing I don’t have a bad back, because I’m pretty sure I’d have thrown it out several times in the last few days. Our landlord apparently doesn’t believe in salting sidewalks or the parking lot, so there have been some rather painful and unnatural movements on my part. I’ve taken to kind of rocking from side to side as I take tiny little baby steps, because it seems to work for penguins. Although today I found myself shouting “Son of a bitch!” on my dinner break as I tried to make it to the building. Serious back and knee twistage, but I remained upright.

*BURN UPDATE* It’s plotting against me with the scar on my shin.

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January 26, 2004

Damn you Mother Nature! Who do you think you are, covering Findlay in snow? Don’t you know my husband has to get up early and drive to work? The nerve.

Did A1 almost on my own today; I think I’m getting better. You’d have to ask Ted whether I really am or not.

How about a big woo-hoo to “Lord of the Rings” for winning four Golden Globes! Best drama, Peter Jackson won best director, and two musical awards.

How about another big woo-hoo to Cleveland Heights, whose domestic partner registry begins today! I know it’s not legal, and it’s not the first, but still! It could help late on down the line. Take that Bob Taft!

So I lost two pounds, and then I got PMS and they came back. They’re on their way back out though, and they’d damn better take a bunch of their friends with them!!! About 50 of their friends, and then I’d be happy. But just a couple for now would be good.

Sorry, I’m all hopped up for some reason. And I’m having trouble typing, so I’m going away now. I’ve screwed up about every other word so far, and I just can’t take it anymore.

*BURN UPDATE* It hates the snow.

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Why don’t I just bend over?

December 20, 2003

Look out mom, there’s bad words in this one…

Damn baby, whad-joo do to yo hair? (a la seance scene in “Ghost”) I ripped it out in chunks ’cause this week frigging sucked! I don’t even know where to start; I should have blogged more this week. Guess I suck too. Anyway, we’ll start with Tuesday. Took the car to the dealer (big mistake) to get the heater fixed and see about getting the windows (I just typed winders in case you were wondering…random redneckness) fixed because the front two are screwed. Driver’s side will go up and down, but there’s a funny grinding noise once it gets to a certain point, and when I close the door something inside the door bangs. Passenger’s side will go down but not up. Fast-forward to Wednesday, when they tell us it will be almost $1,000 to fix everything. Buh-bye. Just fix the heater, you money-sucking whores. Thanks. Pick up the car Thursday, the passenger side window (dammit, did it again!) is not closed all the way so there’s a lovely whistling as I’m driving and I HATE that. They’ve shoved some cardboard in at the bottom of the window, presumably to keep it from sliding open, but it didn’t work. It moved, and now there’s a little gap letting all the snow in. I will be taking the car back to the dealer and demanding that they at least return the window to the position it was in when I first took the car in. Mr. Findlay Ford/Lincoln/Mercury fat cat better hope I don’t ever run into him.

So I get home from the dealer, watch some soaps, try to get hold of someone at the Western Reserve museum (I was going to do a story on a nifty exhibit there), then prepare to head to the mall to get a wedding gift for a friend of Dave’s. I was also going to get a dress for the wedding, because I got my Christmas bonus Wednesday. I call the happy bank 800 number to check the balance on the checking account, and learned that I really fucked up. We had less than $150 in our account – after my paycheck was deposited, which was almost $600 – and we had four insufficient funds charges of almost $30 each. I was in total shock! I’ve never done anything like that before, and I still can’t figure out how it happened. So then I freaked out and curled up in bed and cried for about an hour. Freaked Dave out when he got home. I felt and still feel like an ass, but sometimes when you start a cry-fest, you start thinking about other things and cry more and you just can’t stop.

Luckily Dave got paid Friday, so it’s all OK now.

On a lighter note, another dilemma this week was what do you get a millionaire for a wedding gift? He doesn’t need your money or a gift card, and anything they need he can buy. I trudged through the mall Friday, and found the holiday kiosk of an area family-owned gift basket business, and they made up a basket with a wedding time capsule. I think it’s pretty nifty myself. My parents got us one of those when we got married, and it was fun to put stuff in there. Trouble is, we’re not going to the wedding now ’cause it’s today in Cleveland, and we’re afraid a big ol’ lake-effect storm might blow in. It’s a little snowy here in O-hi-o. So no wedding, and no museum trip, so no fun staff-written travel story for next week’s paper. Thank god for the Associated Press.

I’m thinking after a fun-filled day of cleaning we may rent the first “Lord of the Rings” movie. They seem interesting, and everyone seems to be crazy about them, so I think I’ll give it a shot.

A nice thing happened this week though. I found out that I amuse at least one person other than my friends and family, who have to at least pretend I amuse them. The good RevSpork discovered this here ass, and linked it on his page! Woo-hoo! I’m going to have to return the favor, whenever I get around to making changes on my page.

*BURN UPDATE* General consensus in the Haus-hold says that bitch is gonna scar. I can’t believe I’m so estupido!

Simple is better

December 14, 2003

Ever wonder what Harry Potter would be like drunk? Well, come watch me play “Harry Potter” on our new Gamecube thingy. Watch as Harry the Alcoholic runs into walls! Watch as Harry the Alcoholic runs into people! Watch as Harry the Alcoholic runs into furniture! Some of you may know about the 17-F-er OSU game…well I put that to shame in a matter of a couple hours. But I am determined to figure this game out, no matter how long it takes. I’m just glad we forgot to buy a memory card.

Obviously I’m not a whiz with the video games – at least not the story-type games. Give me a puzzle game, I’m good to go, though. Just makes me think of the good old days, when Nintendo first came out. For a while, all we had was Mario, Duck Hunt and a track & field thing with a mat that you ran in place on. Then there was Tetris, and my beloved Bubble Bobble. That game kicked ass!

I really took a trip down toy memory lane when I read MB’s blog. She mentioned FashionPlates and Lite Brite, and I was gone. Kids were so much more easily amused when I was little…slap a few pieces of plastic with raised pictures on them in a slot, put a piece of paper over it, rub the crayon over it and Voila! You’re a fashion designer! For those of you too young or old to know of the FashionPlates, or for those of you of the wrong gender, I’ll explain. There were tons of plastic “plates” with a different third of an outfit on it – I think that’s how it went anyway, maybe it was halves. Anyway, you mix and match the pieces to create an outfit, and put the pieces into the holder. Like I said before, the outfits are raised up so that when you put the paper on top and rub the big crayon over it, you ended up with a picture of your new fashion design. Then you could color it in.

So compare nice simple toys like that to today’s toys, and there’s no comparison. Ours were better.

Back to the present. It started snowing while we were at dinner. I was not happy. We went and priced our new toy at Wal-Mart, and then went to Meijer, where we bought our new toy. After we left Meijer, I realized we should have bought more juice, so we decided to stop at Kroger. As I was turning onto a little side road to go to Kroger, we had some major fishtailing and almost hit another car. Not fun. But we got our juice and made the trip home safely with no other near misses.

BTW, I want everyone to know that I am highly upset because Meijer (or at least Findlay’s Meijer) no longer has the Meijer-brand lotion tissues. The other brands suck – one uses too much lotion and leaves your face and hands greasy, another one doesn’t even feel like there’s any lotion in it. Meijer’s was just right. How Goldilocks. Doesn’t Meijer care about people with evil colds that cause sore noses?? Perhaps I’ll ask Dave to check BG’s Meijer on Monday. I’m in crisis!

Well, enough rambling. I’ve got to go scoop the poop before Sugar flings something out for me.

*BURN UPDATE* Still a pink line. I’m seriously wondering if it’s going to scar. How stupid would that be?